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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten m


You have somewhat landed in the Twilight Zone of my life. Just go down the hall and turn into the 3rd door on the right...and you'll be all the way into what I call "life". It may not be exciting all the time but it is my life nonetheless.
Since you are reading my diary, there are a few ground rules you'll have to comply with:
1) Keep hands to yourself.
2) Be respectful...even if you don't agree with me/my opinions. I like to hear others' opinions...if given in a respectful manner.
3) Be ready to laugh. Laughter is life's best medicine, in my opinion.
4) Don't bet on the horses. The horses are wild and free in this space.
5) Lastly....RELAX!!! This is a non-combative zone.
A little about myself:

**Mi especializacion es espanol. (Unfinished, as of yet)
**Future goals---Be where God places me in life, for HIS goals.
**Interests---the arts, music, accent/some foreign languages, pantomime, animals, people, etc.

Well, have fun reading my diary. Adios!!!

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