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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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As the sands turn through time...


Hello, everyone! How have you been? Apparently, you did not have any random questions to ask me. Haha. That is okay, i will just randomly ramble (like usual). 

So...through a friend of mine, i sold a cake to a client recently. Yay for business. I am plannin 3 other cakes right now as well. Two of them are for neighbors...regarding graduation and thanks. The other is for a friend's son who graduated this year. I am having fun already with them. 

I put on makeup today for work...which is rare. I am super low maintenance. Haha. 

My garden is doing well. The edible part of it anyway. The flowers may or may not survive. I am thinning out my irises. I planted more asiatic lilies. I am excited about them...

The 19th came and went without fanfare. I am completely at peace with that. It is not a good day usually. The 26th is coming up...we will see how that goes. Enough said.

Today is my sister's oldest kids 21st birthday. I miss my blue eyed he ever got so old is beyond me. Where does time go?

I got asked by a neighbor's pre-school age daughter if i was "a cat lady". Haha. I wonder what she is hearing at home. I am not super close with those neighbors due to several factors. I told her that i was not one. I said i liked cats and dogs equally. Fyi, i have no dogs. I do have 11 cats. 8 of them will be finding homes in early june. Technically, i only have to find homes for 3 of them. 5 are claimed already. 

Well, i cannot think of any more randomness. I am out of here for now.-- Your neighborhood not-so-cat lady, Robyn





previous entry: Clog dancing on the ceiling...

next entry: I am such an idiot sometimes.

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It's a big time for CAKES at the moment, people keep delivering them to me as some sort of lockdown gift, and it's like BRO I NEED AN EXERCISE BIKE DELIVERED, NOT MORE CAKE!
I love to think about what my neighbours think of me. Back home in England, my parents neighbours have NO idea who I am when I'm there and throw me the sort of looks that have made me come to the conclusion that they think I'm my step-mother's secret toyboy. x

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