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Forum Recent Thread
All of the latest information about will be posted here
Last post 205 days by NOJOMO 2021
Bloop Drama
Who doesn't love a bit of online drama?!
Forum Games
Want to have some fun with some forum games? This is the place for you
2020 Year in Review Challenge
Last post 512 days by A RedSox Fan
General Discussion
Discuss just about anything here
Hello all...
Last post 69 days by Zombie Greta Garbage
Homework Help
Stuck on that dissertation? Why not ask here
Last post 3301 days by Estella
Suggestion Box
Got a suggestion for Bloop? Please post a thread here so we can look into implementing it
Favorite color poll is FAIL.
Last post 3455 days by BloopStaff
Techie Talk
Excited about the latest hardware release? Annoyed with GPUs being price gouged?
Last post 577 days by Zombie Mark
Theme Of The Week
Writers block? Look no further
Theme 438
Last post 300 days by Theme Of The Week
Thread Graveyard
Old / irrelevant threads will be thrown here. Enjoy that read!


Forum Recent Thread
Art Stay Off The Sidewalk Challenge
Last post 3358 days by eadigteon
What are you reading at the moment? Discuss all things print media here
Current books?
Last post 595 days by Zombie Greta Garbage
Discuss gaming consoles and your fave games here (PC master race)
what is everyone pl
Last post 593 days by Ethan James
Layouts and Coding
Got a question about layouts or coding? Ask away
layout and costumise
Last post 3326 days by Betch.
For all things film; from the mega-blockbusters to all the classics
Harry Potter Deathly Hallows part 2
Last post 3919 days by SoA
The place to talk about your fave artists, records and gigs
What is the Big deal about Billie Eilish??????????
Last post 602 days by Zombie Greta Garbage
Are you a poet and didn't know it?
Last post 3936 days by Ethan James
For discussion of all sports, from snooker to tennis
Steelers or Packers?
Last post 4125 days by *Forever Changing*
Discuss the latest and greatest TV shows
Need Anime Help
Last post 3270 days by SoA


Forum Recent Thread
Bloop Site Development
Find threads about Bloops development work, if we remember to post
IM and Chatroom Servers
Last post 310 days by Zombie Greta Garbage
In The News
Discuss the world news
Meteor the size of oven lights up the night sky
Last post 4571 days by Eat Yellow Snow


Forum Recent Thread
Political Debate
For discussion of political and current affairs issues
Debate between Trump and Biden
Last post 577 days by Zombie Greta Garbage
Online Friends
Offline Friends