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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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Clog dancing on the ceiling...


You may ask how one clog dances on the ceiling. is how: you attach clog shoes on long poles. Place shoes, sole side down on the ceiling, then proceed to Irish up your upstairs neighbors...if you have upstairs neighbors. I do not so it would look insane for me to do that. Thus the reason this idea is completely off the top of my head. It has never been implemented. It was born out of the need for a quirky title here. Hehe.

I worked today. I am tired and a bit loopy. Ignore any mental quirkiness coming out in text form. 

People have been asking how others are doing during this worldwide pandemic. My natural inclination is to find something else to talk about. That inclination comes to the forefront in any hard times. The quick answer for me now is to say i am okay. I am surviving and healthy.  In my opinion, that counts for a whole heck of alot! I am a bit loopier than usual at times. I am also an introvert at heart so the social distancing is not a huge problem for me.  I do not like people in my bubble either. That helps my "mental health". Haha, people cannot hug me as easy! Go social distancing!

I like to keep busy, but this time has allowed me to get more big projects done. I have been very productive. Enough said about that. 

My family has been busy too. My nephew graduated from army basic training yesterday. I am so proud of him that i could bust! To think that he was  around 3 years old when i joined bloop....time sure flies...

My cousin got married recently as well. His wife and sister share the same name now. Talk about confusing. I guess i could refer to the sister by her childhood nickname: demon spawn.  Haha. Trust me, it was well earned.

Okay, i cannot think of anything else to ramble on about. I have an idea. Ask me a question...and i may answer it in my next entry.  I reserve the right to not answer any dodgy questions. Haha. 

P.S.- I am digging the word "dodgy" right now. I like words/language. 

See you when i finish clogging on my ceiling.--Robyn, your friendly neighborhood clogging fool



previous entry: Hello

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I have to say that i am not comfortable on zoom for meetings. A) It is a camera aimed at me. & B) I am tired of making introductions. Haha.

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Also, i was dancing along to music in the lobby of my workplace yesterday.

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