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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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What are some assumptions that people make about you that are untrue?


Well, the one thing that comes to mind is that people (who do not know me well) assume that I am sweet.

A) I am not sweet.

B) I will never be considered sweet.

C) If you think I am sweet, you are WRONG.  Haha.

I will say that I am quiet and can be nice.  I try to be nice to everyone around me.  The only reason I am not nice is if the person has EARNED my ire.   It takes alot for me to not get along with a person at the deepest level.  

I, however, have hidden depths that are not sweet by nature.  I am ornery, sassy, opinionated, blunt by nature, and etc...

For those who see all my sides, that means that they know me well.  I have let them see all my sides.  Otherwise, I am quiet and tend to keep to myself.  I love to observe people as well.  It is fascinating to me to observe human nature.  

Anyway, I am out of here.  Talk to you later.--Your friendly neighborhood watcher, Robyn.



previous entry: What is black and blue and.....?

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