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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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Another year bites the dust!


So, I just finished teaching my 3rd year of art (elementary level) at one of the local schools.  My school has been through many changes in that time.  This year was no exception.  We are going into the summer vacation minus a principal, a kindergarten teacher, and possibly another teacher.  We will not be offering enrollment to grades 7 & 8.  That was a surprise anouncement at the staff meeting after the Award Ceremony.  It was not a pleasant surprise to all people due to the lack of communication to us, the teachers.  This year has been a challenging year based on behavioral issues among multiple students, but it has also been a rewarding one.  I have personally seen so much improvement in many students.  I choose to focus on that rather than the students who love to antagonize. If I focused on those students who I would like to pinch their little heads off, I would be intensely unhappy.  


Funny story time:  I was outside with one class on the last offical art class day,and a particular student who is a great leader admitted how bossy she is.  I just smiled at her and said, "YOU are bossy?  Shocker!" , or something of the sort.  She knew I was joking with her.  She is very bossy though.  I won't sugarcoat my thoughts with her if she is willing to admit her characteristics.  It will serve her well in some situations and not so well in others.  Haha. 

Anyway, enough about school.  I have been doing well.  Since I last wrote here, life has been like a bronc busting ride....full of ups and downs.  So, in other words, it has been LIFE.  I cannot point out anything highly interesting about it to type in here.  I think that means I am boring.  Haha.  

One of my friends became a grandma to twins this year.  My cousin Julia had her first child, a girl.  My friend Lydia had her second child, another girl.  Several other people I know had kids or had some big event in their life.  I am just sitting over here on my porch and observing it all.  That is okay with me.   Actually, I was probably at one of my jobs.  That is all I seem to know daily.  Haha.  

The after school art program I volunteer at ended for the summer.  I have no classes to teach at my school currently.    I have no Art Club meetings to lead until school starts back up.  What am I to do with myself?  I am thinking about leading some jewelry  making classes.  I may use my classroom at the school for a location.  I may do a lot of necessary yardwork/maintenance around my home.  I may do something else art related as well.  Then again, I may be a complete and utter bum.  Haha.

My family has some important plans for this summer.  I am going to see if I can join in on the fun there. Time will tell.  I was jokingly invited to my boss' (and her fiance's) honeymoon today.  I just about took them up on it because they are going to Mexico.  I am okay with that.  They don't have to see me while we are there.  I would find my way around perfectly fine.  I have a rudimentary education of the culture and language.  I understand more spanish that I speak, but I am also good at not showing that I understand.  Haha.  

Well, this bronc riding neighbor of yours is out of here.  Talk to you later.--Robyn



previous entry: Theme 438

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