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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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Snooze Fest 2021


I have been a boring old adult today.  Haha.  I did some necessary yardwork.  It is not done yet, but I plan on working on it later on in the week.  I have a neighborhood boy who mows and weedeats my yard.  However, he is on vacation or something.  My yard was way too overgrown in certain areas.  If I see something and I have time to get it done, it usually gets done.  That is just my personality.  Haha.  My coworkers will find that out, the hard way, if they do not know that already.  I think I am about to get trained to become a shift lead there soon.  There is some people at work that are good workers, but like to sit by idly and not do their job at times.  That is a pet peeve of mine and it will come to light when I start directing them toward jobs that need to be done.  Haha.  

Let's see, what else have I done today?  I got distracted, haha.  Imagine that.  

I have also done laundry, cleaned litter boxes, vaccummed my entire house,  and purged a bunch of stuff out of my house.  I have been busy the past 1-2  weeks getting my classroom ready for next year...on my days off.  Today was officially the 1st day off  in almost 2 weeks.  I have had days off, but as said, I was at the school. 

(Backstory:   I already did have my classroom ready for next year.  Then the school decided that 4 of us teachers would be switching classrooms.  I have been moved into a much smaller classroom.  The pros for the move are that I have better lighting, an actual sink in the classroom, and I may not get all the random crap from the school thrown into my classroom.  My previous room was a "catch all" room.  If the school was not using the item, it got thrown into my room.  It was quite annoying. That's okay.  I learned to get it out of my room asap.  Haha.)

I also purged a bunch of random items out of my house.  Some of it is going to my classroom and consists of recycled or donated items.  I will be glad to have it out of my way.  Some of it went straight into the trashcan outside...along with my actual trash from this week.  (I know, I am not exciting.  Haha.)

I also created an example for an Art Certificate (for students at school).  I may or may not use it in the long run.  I wanted to have a prototype for one however.  Since I have a school owned laptop now, I can do that kind of stuff.  I do own a few laptops of my own, but they are older.  The internet does not correctly connect due to their age.  They were bought originally in 2007 or later.  I can access certain personal files on them if I wish.  I tried to put the files on this laptop, but it wouldn't read the files.  I guess the files were not in the correct format or are in an outdated format.  I am not entirely surprised.  As long as I can access them on the other laptops, I am okay with them not being on this laptop.  

Well, honestly, I have nothing else to say.  This is the first time in a LONG time that I have been able to type an entry out on a laptop.  That is the reason you all do not hear from me a lot.  I am usually typing on my phone.  That is a pain in the patootie, in my humble opinion.  Okay, I am out of here for now.  Talk to you later.--Your friendly neighborhood bore, Robyn  


previous entry: I'm a brick in a bottle, you have to throw me the right way...

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