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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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Just checking in...


Hello everyone.  I am just checking in, as my title implies.  How is everyone doing?   I am as good as can be considered....with how life goes and all.  Haha. I have been doing home improvement things around, *gasp" imagine this, my home.  I know, I am a smart aleck.  Deal with it or leave.    

I started painting my back patio last night.  I already had painted my front porch and front walk.  They all match the side patio I put in last year.  There is much more to do.  I need to buy more paint to finish the back patio.  Then, I need to recruit help to build the outside shed I bought on Amazon.  I also need to put my patio back together...regarding my patio table and such.  It is looking good so far.  I have a ways to go.

I started a fairy house/castle thing in my front yard this summer.  I need to finish that asap.  I have the basic form and supports done.

I also started an after school Art Club last week at the school at which I teach.  No one came the first week due to lack of communicating on my part.  I take full responsibility for that.  I did pass along the information to the school secretary and she did put it in the school weekly newsletter.  So, it was communicated to some level.  Since then, I have attempted to directly contact the parents but technology is not being my friend.  I guess I shall go old school and send a note home to all my students when I go back to teach.  Grrrr!...I will get over it.  It does not bother me to send a note.  I just wish my former attempts had worked.  Haha.  

Hey, I need some advice.  If you were a child from the ages of 5-12, what kind of art lessons would you like to do within either a Native American or Viking/Celtic unit?  I am trying to come up with lesson plans.  I do have some choices I have researched.  I am excited to go forward with the Viking unit.  It is so different than what I am used to doing, personally or professionally.  I am 1/8 swedish however, so I may have a personal reason to delve into the particular subject.  Haha.

Well, I am out of here for now.  Talk to you later.--Your friendly smart aleck neighbor, Robyn

previous entry: Bent but not broken

next entry: My biological sister

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