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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten m

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Catwoman, I am not...or am I?


Hello. How have all of you been? Everything is good here. I turned another year older on the 18th. 38, here I am! I am roughly 10 years older than my mother was allowed to become. She had a lot of health issues however. I do not share those health issues with her, thankfully. 


I had my youngest female cat fixed this morning. She has been in heat for what seems like forever. It is amazing that she is still alive. All 3 of my cats have been quarantined all summer. Unfortunately, the mama cat (Lovebug) became pregnant some time before their quarantine period. I am expecting her to have kittens any time now.  Grrr, I just got rid of the last batch of kittens. 

I let her and Bugerbutt outside whole Tiger was at the vet.  I hadn't seemed fair to not let all of them out all of this time.  If they went outside, I was there too.  If they left the yard, they went back inside. No wandering for them, thank you very much! Haha.


So, I obviously have nothing to say.  So, I am headed out of here.--Your friendly neighborhood cat lady, Robyn


previous entry: The day before tomorrow

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