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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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This holiday season...



For Thanksgiving, I spent it with family.  I had a good time.  I was able to "get" my cousin Shilo so very good.  The only thing you need to know is that she had no idea I was in the building.  It was her fault for not looking closer.  She doesn't focus on small details very well.  It was not my original intent to mentally freak her out.  I completely used the situation to my advantage however.  Darn these ornery genetics!  Fyi, I do know how genetics work.  I still claim that orniness attaches itself to alleles in my family.    

Onto another tack...

I am sure we, as a world, are used to the horrible inevitability of death (thanks to covid).  It is sad but it happens.  In the past month, I have known 4 people who have died.  It is not all from covid.  Two of them were on the 22nd/23rd.  I obviously was not in the holiday spirit this year.  For one, it did not feel like christmas.  For another, I have been a tad bit depressed.  Winter weather does that to me.  I am used to it.  

I was unfortunate to have to deal with my first student suicide this season. I went to the boy's visitation and funeral go support the family.  It was not fun, as can be expected.  I feel like I failed the boy, but I do know he was troubled as well. I teach at a small school so next week will be hard for everyone.  We have been on christmas break recently.  I saw some of his fellow students at the sad events.  I will be watching them like a hawk.  They are taking it hard.  I have personally reached out to the family and offered my condolences.  They will need a buttload if prayers.  Just saying...

I only taught the boy 1-2 years.  Thus, I am not as emotionally invested as the other teachers.  I will say that his death details have been a trigger regarding my cousin Josh.  I am terribly sad about the boy but it is twisted with feelings about Josh's death details.  Both are tragic and unavoidable.  

Enough about that.  Also, my 2nd cousin Gary passed away the 23rd.  He and I were not close so i am not emotionally invested there.  Plus, he has had health issues for years.  The most recent is cancer.  He is at rest now and that is what matters. 

I called my dad, grandma, and a nephew this season.  I called Austin to give him hell.  Haha.  Dad told me some news that I had not heard.  I am going to be a great aunt in April, everyone! YAY! I am so very excited.  Austin had the audacity to call me old.  That was not nice. 

I am glad to be on christmas break from 1 job. It gave me time to get rested up from too many work hours at my other job.  112 hours in 2 weeks!  No joke.  We were short 4 key workers due to covid.  That has passed, thankfully. I was one tired, testy, old harpy!  Haha.  

Okay, this entry is morbid as hell.  What did all of you do for the holidays? Lie if you have to.  I need cheered up.--Your friendly neighborhood Scrooge-ette


previous entry: So much stress and drama...

next entry: Hezzzzoooo!

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Since then, one of my aunts (I have never met) has passed away after a long fight with cancer. I shall never be able to ask how she feels about the old song with "Roxanne" in its name. Darn it. Haha.

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