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U'szo' bolond vagyok!
by vatten mö

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What is black and blue and.....?


Hello, my lovelies!  What IS black and blue and swollen like an overripe tomato?  My finger, of course!  I looked away at the wrong moment while at work yesterday.  It got smashed between 2 large stacks of stainless steel warming pans.  I was stocking the pans at the time. At bedtime last night, I literally could feel my heartbeat in my finger tip.  It is bruised and getting darker by the day.  Haha.  The overripe tomato tension comparison is improving however.  Thank goodness.  I literally had no "give" to my skin when I pushed against it this morning.  If it had not improved, I am sure I could not be typing this entry.  I am thankful I didn't do what a coworker did recently however.  He smashed his finger at the gym somehow.  He had to go to Urgent Care and get the blood drained.  He was lucky he did not shatter his finger.  That would be a reason to have it amputated.  I told him that he could always make up fun stories about how he lost his finger, if they had amputated it.  Haha, there is something seriously wrong with me at times....Anyway, enough about injuries to the phalanges.


I entered an art project to a local art gallery. Spiva is holding its 75th Annual Membership Show at their new building. We are not physically in the building yet, but it is coming very soon.  We will be in it some time next month.  This is the first show for Spiva or anyone in the building.  Go Spiva!    I entered a painting I did off of a YouTube tutorial.  I know there are some things on it that could be improved but I never got around to it.  I ran out of time to create a project just for the show.  I need to start and finish another project for JRAC's upcoming show. I have to get something done and entered by the 29th of this month.   It is on my mind.  I have some very interesting ideas to pursue.  Muahahahahahaha!


My cousin's husband is starting to go through his late wife's belongings.  I think some healing is being done.  I hope so, for his sake.  I worry about JR and their daughter.   is 10 years old and was extremely close to Emma.    JR has some big shoes to fill.  Emma was a source of light and joy for everyone around her.  She was my closest female cousin and I miss her so much.  It does not seem like almost 2 months have passed since I heard the bad news of her sudden death.   Anyway....enough about that.  

What have all of you interesting people been up to?  I ask that question often, but no one hardly answers me.  Fun suckers!    

Well, I literally have nothing to say now.  Talk to you later.--Your friendly neighborhood finger smasher, Robyn

previous entry: My biological sister

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