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by I Fear Who I Am Beco

I have been seeing people all my life through rose colored glasses. Because I wanted to believe the best. Wanted to believe they loved me. But my god apparently 90% if not more of the people in my life have seen in a very different light then I tried to view them. EVERYONE IS COUNTERFEIT. EVERYONE LIES. EVERYONE SAYS WHAT THE OTHER WANTS TO HEAR. UNTIL THEY DONT. Until a small offense is commited againt them, and then the bottled up things they always wanted to say spew out in inapporopriate forms, and...It causes more hurt than you could ever imagine. STOP BOTTLING UP THE LITTLE THINGS YOU THINK ABOUT PEOPLE...Like...Wow shes selfish. Wow shes mean. Wow shes rude, etc. THE DOUBTS BUILD UP AND IN ALL RELATIONSHIPS PEOPLE HURT EACH OTHERS FEELINGS THAT IS JUST THE WAY THAT IT IS. So when you dont tell the truth about how you feel about someone and then they do something that upsets you, ALL THAT COMES OUT AT ONCE. Dont even try to deny it.

Moving on, to my father. All my life I saw him as my hero, he would put me up on his shoulders, and I felt like the tallest person alive, and thought he was the strongest. And how I would pretend to be sleeping in the backseat when him me and my mom would come home from somewhere, just so that he would carry me in like a baby and put me to bed. I felt safe then which is almost never my whole life. And warm. And giggled inside. Also when he would read me a story before bed, I would always grab the thickest one of my books that I could find just to keep him near me for longer. And for my whole lifetime, that was the image I had of him, even when he broke me into a million little pieces and basically handed me the metaphorical broom and dustpan and said BYE. But in reality? Those were only moments, snapshots in a life, filled with terror and rejection, and I am getting dizzy even trying to type this from the man who has been hacking this computer and wifi for months if not longer. Hes black. Sits there with headphones, wore a wifebeater, and I saw him for a split second, oops. Just...Watching. Through the screen. ANYWAYS, that is not what this is about...This is about my dad. Who when I was scared of the shadow people who harassed and even abducted me at night? And the demons on the ceiling. And the cloaked milita.ry people coming up the stairs? Outside too. He chased me out of his bedroom in a fit of rage because I woke him up and he thought I was crazy. Even as a child. Sometimes I would be lucky enough and my mom would step in so I got to sleep on their floor beside the bed. I could NEVER go to him with any of my problems and yet I adored him. We would go on ' dates ' and go get food and just be together. Then when I was 15 I THINK, he started cheating on my mom, who knwosx how long it was really going on. And he wouldnt give up this bitch, so he abandoned me for her and her two kids. I was an only child, this bully was the only man in my life, and the only one I ever had up to them who was an example of how men were supposed to be. What a joke. I used to watch him raise his hands and praise God in church, knowing full well where he would be that night. I saw other fathers growing up who had major temper issues, yelling at their families weather I or anyone else was there or not. Gotta love the realness of these pricks tho. My dad broke my heart. In my mind, leaving me for those 2 kids was the worst betrayal I had ever endured then. Taking them places, buying them things, giving them the love I so desperated craved and dare I say DESERVED as his ONLY CHILD. THEY ADOPTED ME FOR GODS SAKE WTF IS WRONG WITH THEM. My mom with her temper issues, and emotional basketcase-ness. I never felt loved from her, except in small moments. I TOOK CRUMBS FROM PEOPLE MY WHOLE LIFE. And built those crumbs into a statue. I saw it as a stone statue, but it was just bread. Falible. Frail. Knockable over. STUPID. Then my mentor invited me to a ' safe place ' with her and her husband, only to find out pretty quickly he was a perverted POS that TRULY BELIEVES UNLESS VAGINAL PENITRATION HAPPENS, NOTHING IS CHEATING. And I do mean nothing. I paid dearly just for being alive and breathing my entire life. The wholeness of my life has been a waste. The moments...The moments were beautiful. But the whole? A fucking throwaway. Im done pretending. I WAS BORN WITH THIS UNCONDITIONAL LOVE AND TENDER HEART. For some reason this world wanted me dead before I was even born. Wish I could write my book. If anyone would even read it. Who knows. What I d o know is tender hearts, on sleeves, make for very bad expieriences for those with the essense of agape love in their very breathe,....Their blood pumping in time with the heart of IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou. And its like the puppy, you kick it, it dont bite you, it comes running into your lap with kisses over and over and over. Im sick. Im just so tired.

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Upcoming Trip
by valencia
Happy December!

It has been a while since writing in here. I go on Vacation starting Tuesday. We are going to Texas to visit family. After almost two years I am going home and Ryan is coming with me on this trip. I am excited to show him where I grew up and him to meet some of my family. We have an early flight and right now we are very busy at work and trying to pack in-between my breaks at work. I have a bunch of fun stuff planned also. We have tickets for NASA, an Art Museum and a Holocaust Museum (Not Fun obviously but educational). We are going to visit my mom's gravesite and I ordered flowers from the local flower shop for my mom's arrangement. We are supposed to visit my brother but not sure now because his girlfriend works until closing. (She is a manager at a Target) Understandable but she is off the weekend of so I am trying to see when we can meet. I am also going to go visit my grandmother and have Ryan meet her. Fingers crossed her nursing facility is not closed due to COVID.

We started packing this week because this weekend we are busy with Ryan's mom. Ryan's mom is taking us shopping today after work and then tomorrow we have Lucky's appointment at 2:00 PM for him to get groom before going to the babysitter and Ryan has to help her with a few things also. So on Sunday I plan to do all our last minute packing and also have to get Lucky packed. Lucky goes to the dog sitter on Monday because we have a 5:00 AM flight and have to be at the airport by 3:00 AM. Monday I work also but I am going to clock in early to be out of work by 4:00 PM then we are going to eat dinner and then take a nap from like 7 PM to midnight. Ryan's mom is taking us to the airport.

Also we only owe 200 dollars to the vet! Almost paid off! yay!!!! I need to write a review for his vet because that vet saved his life.
Lucky is doing amazing and we started his advent calendar this morning. He loves getting different treats everyday. I get his advent calendars at Trader Joe's.

Our christmas shopping is done.
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I Haven’t had much to say worth writing about lately. Anyhow supposed to get a free air conditioner installed within the next few days so I can use it next summer. It’s part of the low-income free air conditioning program we have here.


I have seen my mother’s new place at Seton Villa and honestly do not care much about it. I like her old apartment better. At least I felt her old place felt more like home to me. And my mother’s bachelor suite at Seton Villa makes me feel claustrophobic. I find Seton Villa to look kind of institutionalized almost like a hospital. 


Sometime during the weekend, I will be joining fanstory site so I can enter writing contests for some of my stories and if I win I can win $$$$.


I don’t think I will be celebrating Christmas or putting up my tree this year since my friend Mike is gone and the fact that I really don’t have a family anymore to celebrate Christmas with especially since my 2 older sisters don’t bother with me and my niece Kristina has Alistair and his family to spend Christmas with. My mum doesn’t care about Christmas anymore. Personally, I wish I could sleep through Christmas Eve and Christmas together.

Been feeling quite lonely since I don't really have any friends who live in Burnaby though. 

I still don’t know what I want to do for my birthday next month on the 12th.


Next Friday I start as a volunteer at the ESL conversation class. However, on Monday I have to speak to Rajeeta at the Burnaby Neighborhood house to help me get some ideas to help prepare me for the ESL conversation group/class.


on the game Restaurant Empire, I made it to the final restaurant section which is Mexican cuisine. And once I reach level 120 I will be finally done with playing the entire game.


I haven’t been to my mother's old place to play piano or swim since I know going there will remind me of my mother and I will start to get upset to realize that my mother isn’t there. My mother is renting her old apartment to a friend but for the time being my mother has left me the spare fob so I can go use her pool and piano in her lounge.


That’s all for now I don’t know when I will be writing on here again.





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Kaitlin and I are doing an advent calendar style Christmas this year. It's our first year trying it out. The idea is sound and we'll know if it works well and what needs to be improved upon after this comes to a close. 


There's a silent book club starting up in my city. The club meets up at a cafe/pub, has drinks, brings whatever book their reading, and decide if they're going to talk or not. So we just go to a public place and read our books with likeminded folk. My mom and I are going to go on one of the Wednesdays coming up. That'll be interesting. I almost want to bring smut to scandalize people, but book people don't get scandalized. Lol


The 60th anniversary of Doctor Who has begun. The first episode came out and is on Disney Plus for those who are Whovians. I haven't watched it yet. Probably will when I'm more awake. I worked until midnight last night and I always find that I'm super groggy the entire day following a long night. I wasn't made for nights. I was made for early mornings and solitary sunrises. 


I'm exhausted. It feels like I did eighty million squats while at work last night. My thighs are so upset about life. I look youthful and am not. People seem to take that less seriously when they can't physically see age. So silly. Of course, even if I were actually in my twenties, I'd still feel like shit. Yay chronic illness!!!

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Well there are 2 games I play daily they are Mario Kart Tour and Restaurant Empire. Thank god I can play Mario Kart Tour on my phone which saves me money from buying any Nintendo game system. Especially if I had the Nintendo switch there would be no way anything would tear me away from being addicted to it which is why I don’t own a video game system such as Nintendo or PlayStation. I just installed Mario Kart Tour on my phone from the App Store for free By the way I am under tetamarina on Mario Kart tour

I been playing Resturant Empire for the last several years now so I am finishing the Japanese Resturant section on the game. There’s one more Resturant level which is Mexican cuisine which is the last level of the whole game unfortunately. 


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In Pain
by MP

I had my COVID shot and all day I am in pain from where I got the shot which caused me to lose sleep last night. All day I was in pain despite trying to put an ice pack to numb the pain under my left armpit. I finally couldn't stand it so I finally took 2 Tylenol to help with the pain which helped a bit but am still sore.

I don't have much else to say so I will end this for now.


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Hippie Soul
by nerdy_bree

Life has been interesting to say the least. I honestly don't even know where to start or what to even say. 

I've been feeling beat down and pissed off and sad with what's going on in Palestine and how my country is helping commit genocide, but it really shouldn't surprise me given our fucking history. Only a few people in my life have acknowledged whats going on and even few have spoken out against the colony of Isreal. It's just surprising to me that people that protested Vietnam are a lot of the voices justifying or staying silent about what is happening. We're watching an entire country of people be wiped off the face of the Earth. People are standing up against it but the Governments are backing a tyrannical dictator....... so much for being a voice of the people...


Work got better and now it's gone backwards, to the point of me being ready to quit again. I almost got a promotion and out of my store but they went with someone within that store and it just worked out better for moral at that store to go with them. It was totally crushing because I did amazing at the interview according to that Store Manager and I was soooo close to being out of my current store, that I could practically taste it . 

Kyle has been a raging dickhead for the last few weeks. We got a new District Manager and he doesn't seem to be fond of brown nosers, which is basically what Kyle is, soooo, now we all have to deal with a moody, bitchy grown ass man-child >.<. My new direct manager, Jim, is awesome but I feel so bad for him. He's not use to a micromanaging dickhead as his boss. Jim's actually from the store I interviewed at for the promotion. He had an amazing store manager and basically got down graded when he got promoted to this position. I'm trying to learn as much as I can from him and just keep my head above water. I'm praying Kyle either gets transfered or fired. I am calling on my petty spiteful side and I will either outlast this mother fucker or get promoted, but he will not beat me down or force me out of the company by quiting. 


Family life is going alright. My bio dad and his family haven't really talked to me in a.....year? Maybe less, maybe more. Honestly, I'm not sure and really don't care if I'm being honest. My Dad is doing better health wise. He's still suffering from GBS, but is getting stronger, has lost weight which is helping with his diabetes, and his PT seems to be going really good. I worry he's going to be with a walker permanently, which I think would be tough for him as he's only 57 and has always been a pretty active man ((football games, Disneyland trips, Vegas trips, etc)). He seems to be handling everything ok, as far as I can see and from what Mom says. I need to take her out for a girls day to a spa or something. She needs to relax and press pause on everything thats going on. 

We had another death in the family. My Tio Oscar passed away from cancer a month or so back. His funeral was very nice but it was a little tough going by myself. My parents were there but Nick had to work, so that was a little tough as I'm very much an introvert and don't really like socializing. Some of the cousins were talking about doing a family reunion, which would be nice, but they've said this every funeral and nothing has happened, so we shall see. Hopefully I won't have to go to that without Nick because as much as I love my family, that would be torture. 



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Eight Is Enough


For those of you Gen X folks out there like me who had grown up during the 70s and 80s may recall watching a TV drama series titled Eight Is Enough. The show starred the now late actor Dick Van Patten who co starred with actress Betty Buckley. And the series revolved around the lives and tribulation of a man raising 8 children. The series itself regarding the above title was based on the book by Tom Braden


Anyhow the show remained a hit throughout most of its run and for some reason as a youngster when the show originally aired I seemed to like watching the series most likely due to the fact that I not only liked the youngest cast member of the show played by late actor Adam Rich, but I also had liked actress Betty Buckley who played stepmother Abby Bradford. I recall when I had watched the show during its original run I used to wish that the character Abby was my mother because she was not only attractive but she was so nice and such a good listener like a very good therapist. Ironically Abby’s character on the show had become a school guidance counsellor during the last season of the series.


I also enjoyed the shows character Nicholas played by the now late Adam Rich due to the fact that the actor and I were close in age despite my being 2 or 3 years older than him.


At the present I been binge watching Eight Is Enough online through the DailyMotion app or it can also be watched on the Tubi app as well. I also own the first 2 seasons of the above mentioned series on DVD.


I also joined the Eight Is Enough fan group page on Facebook as well.


I noticed that watching Eight Is Enough brings me back toward a time when life and society seemed to be much more tamer and even simpler.


I am going to check my library online to see if they have the actual book written by Tom Braden as mentioned earlier


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Never had I ever survey

Feel free to swipe this survey and post your own answers and whatever things you never had done


Never had I ever…


Robbed a bank


Committed a crime


Committed murder


flashed myself


kissed someone of the same sex


Had an affair with a married man


stolen a car


taken drugs


smoked pot


Learned to drive


assaulted anybody


won the lottery


cheated on a school test


abused an animal


walk 50 miles to school


bullied anyone at school


picked my nose


stole from anyone


changed a car tire



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I stole this survey from another diary site I used to write in and so feel free to swipe the survey from me and answer it yourself.


Two rules:

You must ONLY answer Yes or No, and

You may not explain unless someone asks.

Have you ever:

Taken a picture naked? No

Made money illegally? No

Had a one night stand? No

Been in a fist fight? No

Slept with your best friend? No

Had sex in a public place? No

Ditched work to have sex? No

Slept with a member of the same sex? No

Seen someone die? No

Ran from the police? No

Woke up somewhere and not remembered how you got there? No

Worn your partners unmentionables? No

Fallen asleep at work? No

Used toys in the bedroom? No

Ran a red light? No

Been fired? Yes

Been in a car accident? No

Pole danced or done a striptease? No

Loved someone you shouldn’t? No

Sang karaoke? Yes

Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t? No

Laughed so hard you peed your pants? No

Caught someone having sex? No

Kissed a perfect stranger? No

Shaved your partner? No

Given your private parts a nickname? No

Ever gone in public without underwear? No

Had sex on a roof top? No

Played chicken? No

Mooned/flashed someone? No

Do you sleep naked? No

Blacked out from drinking? No

Felt like killing someone? No

Had sex more than 5 times in one day? No

Been with someone because they were in a band? No

Taken 10 shots of liquor in a day? No

Shot a gun? No

Gone outside naked? No

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I thought I would do a weekly segment called Hey It’s OK Tuesday which is where Ipsy a bunch of things to feel OK about.


It’s OK to feel a bit sad talking to my mother last night


It’s OK to not want my mother to be at that retirement home.


It’s OK to feel that my mother has given up on life


It’s OK to be scared and not be looking forward for Fridays COVID shot

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It’s Monday and I normally don’t care for Mondays.

I am supposed to get a phone call today from the South Burnaby neighborhood house to discuss my volunteering with Seniors such as my being a senior visitor and a senior peer support worker. I also am hoping I can join the ESL conversation group where I help new English speakers practice their English conversational skills.


In the coming weeks, I am supposed to be working with an organization called Customized Employment once I get my paperwork filled out. It’s an organization that is supposed to help me find work-from-home employment positions that would be accommodating to my job needs.


My mum yesterday had moved to the Seton Villa retirement home for her 6 months trial. I did not want her to move there since now she is so far away from her regular apartment that she is renting to a friend of hers. However, my mum left me the key to her apartment for me to go use the pool gym and piano room, but I don’t think I will go there now that my mum isn’t there anymore.


I really hope my mum decides to come back to her regular apartment in 6 months.


I like how Goodnight Journal has an app, so I don’t have to log into the web version to write in it. 

I just joined another writing site called where I can post some of my stories and also enter some writing contests where I can win money 


I still will write on Bloopdiary despite it’s quite dead there at times and yes, I will write here too so there will be some cross-postings of entries.


Speaking of apps, I uploaded the Dailymotion app to binge-watch the old TV drama series Eight Is Enough and I must say I like the app better than the web version because I noticed that with the app there’s not so much interruption of advertisements while watching an episode.


I also re-signed to sub to Netflix again for the winter. I am hoping then they will have added shows I want to watch such as The Wonder Years.


TV used to be so much better in the '70s and '80s and part of the nineties


I don’t have many plans today except to get some smaller garbage bags and sour cream. Yeah, I know it sounds exciting (sarcasm). Friday, I got my COVID booster shot for the year Uggh not looking forward to it.


For those of you who have not viewed my piano videos, they can be found on TikTok under Tetamarina1966 or on my Instagram under Tetamarina66. Oh, I need to note that I put my Instagram on Private so if you wish to see my piano-playing videos on there you need to send me a follow request.


Another thing for those of you who like to practice your typing there is a good site called it’s free to join and they cater to typists from as young as grade school to adults. They have lessons from beginners to elite typists with lots of speed tests and even typing games. My typing speed is from 55wpm to 70wpm with 98 percent accuracy.


Do any of you use the app threads? It's part of the Instagram app which is sort of like X (formerly Twitter) I don't use it much, but I am also under tetamarina66 on there as well.


I guess that’s it for now. I don’t know when I will be writing next but if you don’t hear from me it usually means that I have nothing to write or say.


I have a question how do you post photos on entries here on Goodnight, Journal? I had forgotten how to do it. Oh, wait never mind I just figured it out.


That’s it for now


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I am also on Goodnight Journal under tetamarina66. I will be cross posting some my entries from here to there. 

And no I am not leaving Bloopdiary

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I just placed a library loan/hold on the John Stamos book, titled, " If You Only Had Told Me".  And I am wondering is the book worth reading? and is it an enjoyable book? 


Some of you may recall actor John Stamos from Full House/Fuller House. Anyhow l was curious to know if any of you had read the book and what you had thought of it. 


My mum is moving to that retirement home tomorrow for a 6-month trial and I really do not want her to move there since it's so far away.  


Yesterday I posted some of my new piano-playing videos on TikTok I will post the 3 links to them below:  My TikTok Account is Tetamarina1966 and the three songs I was playing on the first attempt without ever using sheet music are the following songs: 


I Don't Know How to Tell Him, by Jesus Christ Superstar movie soundtrack


Do You Wanna Dance from a 50's Rock n Roll dance type song 


The theme song from the Beverly Hills 90210 TV series 


Here are the links to the videos below to copy and paste into your browser is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7297691458982577670 is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7297691458982577670 is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7297691458982577670 

Hope you enjoy the videos let me know what you think of them


Where is everybody on here? All I see are old entries posted on Bloop's front page 



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by ~Anonymouse~

Today was an ok day. I slept about 50% of the morning and about 66% of the afternoon away. I have a GoodNightJournal here... that I post to. I can easily post to it by my cell or tablet... which is a +. Tonight we are having bacon cheeseburgers and a side (most likely french fries?) or bacon chicken cheeseburgers. Yum!!

I need to use the bathroom and then, I need to do my insulin. G2G. My alarm just sounded!



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The ending is pretty predictable... but it has a weird weird vibe. It has a lot of gorgeous dollies in it being called Dollface. If you watch, tell me what you think. It is on YT, here is the link. I find it bizarre as all get out... even with the pretty dolls. Makes me want to get me a Cabbage Patch Kid again. I had one; a French popstar called Gracienne Camille. :) She had long brunette hair and violet eyes and a dimple in one cheek, like I have. (I'm not a brunette nor do I have violet eyes but I do have the dimple. :D) I miss her. I lost her a long time ago.

What about y'all? Did you, or do you enjoy collecting dolls or things? If so, what? I'm curious.

Today I had a breakthrough. I went out to eat with Bees and Julz.... the staff have faith in me now. It took them awhile... but I have their trust again.

And, I'm getting my Samsung phone fixed and a case and charger for it too. :) 

I had fish & chips... among other things.. I shared some poutine, and mozza sticks with Bees and Julz.

All in all a great day. Tomorrow will be even better!


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Here is a  link  to Tik Tok video of my playing piano. I am playing A River Runs Through You by Yurumi without sheet music or ever being taught by anyone. It was done by ear despite I am kind of rusty in piano. 

The link to my piano video can be copied and pasted to your browser. Let me know what you think of my video

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Samhain 2023
by ~Anonymouse~

I did the draw. I got the card Receptivity. You can read the article here. Also, a summary of the evening... here. I'm lazy I know. But at least I am coming down off my sugar rush.

Today was very productive. I got my bills settled and shit like that. Perf. Now all I need is a cash advance from Dave and I'm set for bear. I think I'll either listen to music or just go mad watching horror movies... which is a perf ending to a great day.

I wanna watch the rest of Saw X. And maybe Terrifier 2? Or maybe just listen to Harry Styles again. :-P 


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Hey here is time for another installation of Its OK Tuesday which is posted here every Tuesday 

Its ok to be stuck home on Halloween and not have any plans 


It's okay to not want my mum to move to that retirement home for a 6 month trial 


It's okay to not want to go to my mothers apartment to continue to use her amenities after she moves 


Its okay for me to say Happy Halloween to all 


Its OK for me to be scared about getting my COVID shot next Friday 


Its OK for me to  not be able to get new printer ink for my printer for the time being due to lack of funds 



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I thought that I'd try the colored text out. Pretty cool. You can even add a background color... I thought that I'd do this for Samhain tomorrow. They are carving pumpkins which I majorly suck at. I am good at drawing Machiavellian faces on pumpkin or gourds, but carving and picking the shit out of them? No thanks. I think that is just gross. Heh. I have seen some fucking awesome pumpkin carvings on the net, and I gotta say ... just... wow!!

Um.. I have a year survey on one of my bookmarks, and I was just wondering, do y'all want me to start now?? Or Jan 1st? Or December 31st? What?

I don't dress up bc I'm scary as my own self (lol) but also the idea of a real witch (which I am bc I'm Wiccan) dressing up as a sort of Wizard of Oz witch?? Or whatever the stereotype is, it's just stupid.

What I plan on doing is not much of anything. I am doing a draw of my Osho tarot, and I will share it online with y'all. I usually just draw one card for the evening, and come what may, y'see??

I had to return the gaming computer cos I couldn't afford the ridiculous pricetag. Things are so bloody expensive nowadays! It's terrible!! Oh well, I am going to ask if I could get a better iPad for Christmas.  I am on a tight leash when it comes to buying tech. I have a slight hoarding problem.

But there shouldn't be any problem with that. :)

What are you doing for Samhain/Hallowe'en?

I know that I might binge on horror movies and those snack sized chips? Ya.


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I just want to pull one of these... right now bc I just hate Rogers. :( 


Chevy Chase is amazing in the NL movies... I've always liked this scene. :D But yeah, Rogers is

being a royal pain in the @$$. They are over charging me on my Internet bill.. as always. But shit has to 

get better right? Right.

J is being a bitch towards me, she is another thorn in my side.

I FUCKING GIVE UP. No, strike that. I don't. I want to succeed. I WILL succeed. 


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Nearly Samhain!
by ~Anonymouse~

So... my clonazepam knocked me out again. I am awake now. I have to see about lowering or changing it all together. Either that or I am part cat/owl or both. I'm listening to Harry Styles' "As It Was"... as I'm obsessed with that song for some reason.

As I didn't do much of anything this weekend, I am going to have to kick up my game a notch. I need to walk more and eat less. But it is harder than it seems... I love to eat. 😳 But I can do it. I just need to get some motivation. I have to. My hip is hurting which means that it is going to snow/rain. 

You know what BloopDiary reminds me of? Old skool OD! Back wayyyyyyyyyyy when. Don't you think?? Yes? No? Maybe so? Sorta? 

Tonight we are having roast chicken, mashed potatoes and a veg of some sort. Good finish to a weird day. Well, maybe not weird ... more like sleepy lol...

I might just grab Bees and go for a walk. :) I just asked her, and silence... 🀣 Maybe... oops. Ok, she does! I will take more 3DS pix!


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Matthew Perry, my favorite 'Friend' has died. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Here is the CBC obit.  This is devastating! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

I think that I will play the Sims 4 today. I want to make an elder bc with the elders you can have meals on wheels delivered to your sims front door. I find that so cool. They don't have to cook!

Hopefully my clonazepam (not lorazepam) will not knock me out for the day, so that I can interact with y'all. 😊

It usually does kick in rather fast, but not for the whole day... yesterday I was very sleepy to begin with bc of poor sleep, but today I woke up at like 7:30am which is very rare for me. 😲

Anyways, RIP Matthew. I ♥ you. And have a great day despite it all.

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I got most of my downloads here. Her name is Kaylah. Her surname is beyond me at this time.


Makoto St. Jean (or John) is one of the welcome wagon-ers. I like the way he holds himself. So, I boolpropped him with Kaylah. Boolpropping is a loose term for cheating and getting her pregnant by the TOLAD... among other stuff...


She looks like Suzanne Vega here for some reason...


Makoto being his dapper self.


Her firstborn turned out to be a boy named Adam.


Makoto did this autonomously. Good pappy. :)


Kaylah got baby sick on her after 'playing' with Adam. 


Handsome bugger eh??


Teaching the basics of toddlerhood to Adam.

I love when sims do this -- I know it's just them chewing but it is really funny despite that.


She adopted a baby (again a boy!) and named him Noah...


Noah is a stunner. I'm not sure who should be heir... what do you think??


After two days of (lucrative) army detail, she found her ideal career in the athletic track.


Adam grew up and is very cute. :)

The two brothers chill in their bedroom. I took the second crib out and into Kaylah's room, as I am ... or was hoping for a girl... but like I said, forgot to save before shutdown, so idk....



This last image is of Kaylah and her son getting Noah to speak. :)

If I saved, Kaylah is alien pregnant. And, hopefully, it will be a girl?


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Pt 2
by ~Anonymouse~

Proof that Tom Nook is an asshole. :P


Carmen needs to lay off the pixi stix. :P


There is ongoing construction on our street this past week and probably again this week too. Lucy I. is in blue and Ash is the one in black.


A weeping fir? Spruce? IDK.


Here is the street sign for our street (Arden Ave) and Millard. Pictured here is Bees (Colleen is her real name) in red, and to the far right Kate, her room-mate.


My next door neighbor Joe's house. Joe's alright. Used to be a councilman, now he is retired. Does like the ganja though...


Bees in mid sentence. This was on Wednesday it was.

Festive decorations. Witch X-ing. The term ladies and germs is Wiccan???


A string of skulls (not real though!)

See that scarecrow/entity to the right on the porch? I thought that was a real thing lol...


A nice house on Millard Ave.


The set of trees I call the 'sentinel trees' cos they look like guards.


Don't know why, but someone just left a pumpkin discarded there.


I am obsessed with Midsomer Murders, so.. in Animal Crossing: Welcome Luxury which is a very cheat-y version of New Leaf... I named my town Midsomer heh... and there are chars like Hamlet who are muscleheads, then you've got the whackjobs like Carmen and the normies...


I will do up a seperate entry for the simming stuff... ok??

k, thnx!


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3DS Pix
by ~Anonymouse~

I swear to whomever, early on-set Alzheimer's in our girl Izzy. :o

This is on my New Leaf game. :)

This Rosebud resident has x's for eyes... :o

OK. If you have a Switch or a 3DS (XL) you know the level of crazy that is in this game right?

I have NO fucking clue Carmen... seriously!!

Pt 2 on the way! Plus simming pix! Just don't ask me what my founders name is. LOL!!!


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I'm on vacation right now. Kaitlin and I drove up to the Ottawa IKEA yesterday, did some shopping. I got some framed black and white photos for above my bed, another cushion for the breakfast nook, new duvet cover, and a stuffy for Chuck. Most people probably buy those stuffy's for their kids. We buy ours for a golden retriever. Same thing, right? Then we went to the Rideau Centre because they have an Anthropologie. That store was very underwhelming. 


We spent the night at Kaitlin's parents cottage last night. It was a great time, super relaxing. When we got home the house was way too warm so we opened a bunch of windows to air the house out. It was great being able to open the house up when it's almost November. But, you know, also bad because climate change is a thing. 


I'm enjoying period cramps right now too. So lovely. I've been listening to music and writing just to distract myself. Hasn't worked. Had to risk a flare up and take some ibuprofen. I'm waiting for it to kick in. Any minute now. Fuck I'm so uncomfortable. I can feel the pain right through to my lower back. 

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Sleeping away the day....
by ~Anonymouse~

I have had that song in my head for the longest time. I even dreamt of it last night. I like Harry Styles, but he should have not

cut those gorgeous curls!


There he is with his absentee dad. But here he is now:

Gorgeous right? But those curls and the dimples????

Cute af.

I am usually a sucker for men like Niall. Blond and all? But, there is something about Mr. Styles... lol.


Enough guy goss. Seriously, I could go on and on about that subject.

I will post the pictures I have on the Sims 2 but I had to restart my computer and ... I forgot to save...? It sucks... but maybe I did? IDK.

I will post the 3DS pix for sure. :3


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I am 5'. I thought that I was taller but nope. I'm a shawty. I am downloading Animal Crossing: Welcome Luxury. It is like a cheat-y AC:NL. I actually prefer that over New Leaf. Idk why, though. I guess it's easier?? IDK...

I didn't go out bc my clonazepam just knocked me out like it does every morning. I could just go later but I am still kind of dopey... as soon as I catch my second wind, I will update with the Sims.

I have discovered that I am really good with iPhones and Android phones... more so iPhones... bc well, let's face it, I am a Macintosh girl. I do own pcs, but at heart... I love Apple. ♥

TBH I feel like a zombie. Pinky says by the time 2025 rolls around, zombies and monsters will roam the Earth.... I don't know whether or not to believe it but... what do you think?


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So, I just looked out the window, and it is pretty clear out, which is good. I will play the Sims today if I get a chance... bc when it's nice in October in Ontario, you take advantage of that lol... cos it can get nasty quite quickly here. There just seems to be a bit of smudges of clouds in the sky this morning. 

I'm hungry so.... I'm going to check to see if breakfast is ready... J is on this weekend with her kitty Jack. :) I haven't seen him yet, but J assures me that he's a darling. IDK how Jotee will see things.

I hear people stirring... so... brb.


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We LOVE thanksgiving! The Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is my favorite. I love the floats, the bad music (ok some is good but let's be honest...) and the random people that tackle Al Roker! You never know who's going to talk to him. I wonder if he's going to be in it this year. Didn't he have some kind of health scare? I still miss Fat Al, but at least this one is semi-healthy. :)

My husband always makes the bird. I'll make cinnamon rolls or something we definitely shouldn't have for breakfast while we watch the parade. Santa, at the end of the parade, ALWAYS makes me cry. I don't know why. I think it just symbolizes the beginning of the Christmas season, so it just fills me with EVERY FEEL.

And of course, the family text/call thread. The first day of the year you answer the phone to numbers you don't know. "Oh Aunt so-and-so, Mum gave you my number? Greaaaaaat!" Then you don't do that until Christmas. lol
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Forum Thread: Diamond Painting
Forum: Art
Yes we are! And yes that is exactly what they are! Some people sell them, I enjoy doing them but I don't hang things on my walls because I rent and I don't want to have to fix walls when I move out lol. I am thinking of trying Facebook Marketplace first and if not, etsy. I already have a shop there.
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I take ten times better pictures with my phone than I did when we had that fancy camera my MIL bought us 16 years ago.
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Hello! :)
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