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Welcome to, a journaling website designed for both teens and adults. hosts a collection of diaries comprised of HTML, graphics, poetry, and real events in our member's lives. Our member's enjoy a small community, where quality of service is much more important than the quantity of diarists, which helps to give each of our members a premium diary service. With support staff available almost 24/7, we strive to give you the best support we can provide.

We are currently home to 6,749 diarists. Why not join our community? You can register a free account which will give you access to some great diary features.
Thanks for giving the new main page a try! We are eager to know what you think of the experience with the new design.

Head over to the forum post and let us know what you like/dislike.

So i got a call today for a phone interview with the hiring manager for a place i videoed interviewed  during a online job hire thing. so we shall see how that goes... 

IM excited c24 has a Paris flair here's hoping my digital brochure link works:|kimberlygroves



Shop online at

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Raising a Ticket
by BloopDiaryBasics
Raising a Ticket

For the most part, BloopDiary gives you the tools to control the security of your diary. You are able to block a diarist that you don't want to have access to your diary by going to Manage My Diary --> Security & Privacy --> Friends & Block List and typing the diary name and clicking either Friend or Block.

But there are other reasons to need us to intervene. You might need help with your subscription options, you may have a tech issue, or you may have an issue with another diarist and blocking them have not helped.

On your taskbar, the last option is "Get Help"

Raising a Ticket

Here is what the page looks like when you click "Get Help".

Your options here are: Raise a Ticket, User Agreement, Staff Policy, and BloopDiaryBasics.

Raise a ticket: Click on this link will bring you to a form to fill out.

In the first box, you write a detailed message about the situation you're seeking help with. Then you choose which department to send your message to. You can pick from Administration, Diary Support, Finance Department, or Technical Support.

Administration - Only raise a ticket to Administration if your ticket concerns a member of staff (Beth aka Greta Garbage or Mark aka Mark).

Diary Support - for issues with other diarists or if you are not sure which department to send your ticket to.

Finance Department - if you have an issue with your payment for BloopXtra you send a ticket to this department

Technical Support - if you are experiencing technical problems, this is where you send your ticket.

Once you finish the form you click on "Raise Ticket" and a staff member will review your ticket and help to solve the issue.
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Recent Forum Reply
Ohhh who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS!

I feel like my heart is being split in two. Chris suffers from depression. I'm the only one he has ever told (this includes his family). And it is has been bad for him lately. At first, I thought he was just going through a rough patch, and the strain of Covid was getting him particularly hard. But while that was in part the issue for him, he's also discovered feelings for a coworker. And at first, he didn't say anything to me. He just moped around the house feeling guilty and depressed and let me think he was just depressed. Not to belittle depression, but I really just thought that was it. I suggested he talk to our family doctor about getting a referral to a therapist, but he kept saying no. And then out of the blue one night he tells me about this coworker. The worst part? I immediately knew who it was. She had been interested in him before we started dating, but he wasn't interested. And then we became a thing and we both figured it was gone and not an issue. And now this. 


I try not to let it show how much it hurts because he's beating himself up over it a lot. But last night he told me that Monday night she blew up at him. And this is when it came out that he had told her his feelings, and she told him to go fuck himself and that he just wanted her but didn't love her. Yesterday he told me that it felt like he had been dumped. What am I supposed to do with that? We're supposed to be getting married. And he keeps asking me what to do. I don't know what to do. I suggested he ask for a transfer to a different location because it's clearly causing him pain and making him uncomfortable. He said maybe. He told me he signed up for counselling through his work, though. Which is good I guess. But I have to work at 2pm and I spent the entirety of my shower crying. I'm so hurt. I love him so much, but I hurt so much.

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Know your worth
by - Rjea.
♫Know your worth by Khalid♫
To my best friend;

I don't know what your going through right now, with us being so far apart and our schedules being so different, but I need you to know how amazing you are.
You madam are a loving, caring individual.
You give so much and yet you receive so little back in return. You are an amazing woman, friend, mother daughter, wife and sister.

You are worth more then what W gives you. You are more then his hurtful words, his lack luster affections.
My one big wish for you T, is that he gives you the love that you crave from him, the love that you deserve from him.
You've given him 18 years of your life, 2 kids and your health. You've moved provinces away from all your friends and family to pursue a dream that he had.
You are more woman that I will ever be. I couldn't put up with what you have and what you continue to do.

Ever since you moved away to pursue his dream of being a rancher, while he worked away in the oil and gas field, I have slowly watched you fade from the person that you were when I first met you.
Your sparkle is dimming beautiful and I'm worried for you.
We don't talk often but when we do, we tell each other everything, and it worries me that 3 texts in, your telling me how your depressed, so much more then you've ever been.

I wish I was closer to you so you could come stay with me, so that when you are down, we could do some silly shit and pick you back up.
We could drink some pumpkin spice latte's and watch Disney movies while eating pancakes in bed. Covid be damned.

You deserve someone to tell you how beautiful you are, instead of picking out your every flaw.
You deserve someone to support you, instead of telling you, you are going to fail
You deserve the love, happiness and home with the family you've always wanted.
You deserve to be wanted and needed. To feel like you are loved, wanted and needed.
You deserve so much, but settle for so little.

You could do it T. I know you love him and I know you can't see a way out and that you don't think you could do things on your own, but you can.
You are amazing. You are loving and caring. You are beautiful, talented and creative. You are educated and can make a good life for you and the kids if that's what you so chose to do. I don't think he would fight you and I would stand beside you.
You are loved.
You are the woman that you wanted to grow up to be, she's just hiding under the surface screaming to get out.

I love you, you are my sister from another mister. Take back the woman you are.
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1 More Week!
by NOJOMO 2020
1 More Week!

NOJOMO starts on Sunday! The idea is to write an entry a day for 30 straight days! You can write freestyle, use a prompt from this diary, or even write poetry if you like. NOJOMO is a good way to get you back into writing!

Anyone who writes 30 days straight gets 1 free month of BloopXtra!

Sign up here: NOJOMO Participant List

P.S. you don't have to sign up to participate in NOJOMO, but you do have to sign up in order to qualify to win BloopXtra.
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Discussion Forums
by BloopDiaryBasics
Discussion Forums

One of our great features here at BloopDiary is our Discussion Forums. Recently, we have updated the forums and are continuing to make improvements. New to the Forums? Here's a little guide on how to navigate and use the Forums.

In order to access the Forums, go to Taskbar and click "Discussion Forums".

As you can see the forum is set up in a grid.

There are three columns: the first column has a chat icon (this is to favorite the forum), the name of the forum, and recent thread.

Categories & Threads

There are 4 catagories in the Discussion Forums: Community, Creative, Media, and Political. Each category has several threads to peruse. Let's explore these categories.


Announcements: in this thread you can announce news, contests you're holding, etc.

Bloop Drama: if we're going to have drama, why not have it in one place? LOL This thread is for you to blow some steam out!

General Discussion: a place for anything that doesn't fall under any other category

Homework Help: for those who are students (High School or college) and need help with homework

Suggestion Box: a thread to suggest something to add to Bloop! We love hearing what you want.

Techie Talk: for those who love tech and want to get their geek on

Theme of the Week: need help finding something to write about? Come here for themes

Thread Graveyard: where old threads go to die


Art: want to talk about Van Gogh? This is the place for you!

Books: Bibliophiles can compare notes on their latest reads here! Maybe open a Book Club!

Gaming: Gamers can brag about their scores here

Layouts and Coding: where you can share coding and layouts to use

Movies: what have you seen lately? You can talk about movies here!

Poetry: Roses are red, acryllic is clear, if you write poetry you can leave it here!

Sports: sports fanatics can talk about last night's game here

Television: does anyone still watch TV? Let us know what you're watching!

Media & Political:

Bloop Site Develpment: the thread Mark goes to update us on what is new in development around Bloop, what bugs are out there, and if they were fixed

In the News: thread where you can discuss the latest headlines


Political Debate: election year? Square off here!

How to Subscribe to a Forum & Post a Thread

Let's say you really enjoy the Book forum and want to be alerted when a new thread is added. If you go to Discussion Forums, go to "Creative" and click the chat icon in the first column next to Books. It will darken and you're subscribed to the forum. Which means whenever a new thread is posted, you will get a message alert.

Posting a thread is just as easy. Just click the forum you want to post in, on the top you should see a button called "Create New Thread".

An entry editor appears and you can write in a title for your thread, choose an entry from your diary (if you'd like to add this), and write your content. Below the editor, and a box for"Send Me a Message when someone posts in this thread". The box is automatically checked and if you leave it checked every time someone replies you get a message alert. If you wish not to receive a message, you uncheck the box then you can click "Create Thread" to post.

Once you post a thread or reply to a thread, there is no way to delete. Make sure you are ready to post before posting!

So you've read a thread and you want to like and reply to it. Simple! In the box where the posters name is in to the right is the like/reply options.
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Option 2: Old (Theme 399)
Submitted by Doc
Write an entry on why you created your diary on Bloop. Explain why you write and how you came to be on this particular website.

I first created my diary here at Bloop because I was a a kid at the same school that Steve was at. He told me to sign up, so I did! We were both nerds that were always in the computer room. I cannot remember if that was before or after he was a student-tech/tech at the school though.

I often write to express my frustration at something that I cannot control, or if something has upset/excited me.
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If you missed tonight's Team Bloop meeting, you can view it here: Team Bloop Meeting # 7

Our Show Me Your Jack-o-Lantern Contest is still going on! Mark made it so you can post your pics directly in the forum but he is going to make it easier to do tomorrow. You can go HERE.

NOJOMO starts next Sunday, November 1! You can sign up HERE

Community Companion
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Forum Thread: Steve
Forum: Announcements
fixed ;)
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He couldn't go without lying a second!
Marks Friend
by ♥MarksFriend♥


Are Y'all happy now that i, Marks friend am here? Btw, mark knows where the sacrifical first born shall be send to :)

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Forum Thread: NOJOMO 2020!
Forum: Announcements
Recent Forum Reply
Forum Thread: Test
Forum: Techie Talk
Im Going Public.
by I Fear Who I Am Beco

My name is Trish Phillips. I am 34 years old. I have tried for 7 years to get doctors to listen to me to no avail. I have seen specialists and one of them ran out of the room. I am asking you to read this. Please. In 2015, I got sick with ' Morgellons ' and Lyme Disease and was suddenly an explosion of infestation of parasite. All of a sudden, mind you. I tried to get doctors to help but to no avail. So, I did what anyone with a brain would do, and I started doing my own research, first of my physical symptoms. It led me to Morgellons. I had the lesions, the fibers, I went through it all, all while having this parasitic like worm grow bigger and bigger inside of my body. It now has taken over my mouth throat and head and I CAN PROVE IT. If you will just give me the time of day, I have a video that will show it moving all by itself around my neck and noone in the world can deny it. I have shown it to nearly 100,000 people and everyone tells me to go on monsters inside me the show but I need serious physical help or it wont matter. If you respond I will send the video. I am not making this up. I can prove it, again I say. But doctors have ignored and lied to me and FAILED me and if they can do that to me with this so obviously THERE, what will they do to others? 

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Manage My Diary - My Account
by BloopDiaryBasics
My Account

The last catagory in Manage My Diary is "My Account". In this section, you have: Edit my details, Change my password, IP security options, Email alerts, Time zones, Diary subscriptions, My weekly usage, Create a diary, and Delete my account.

Edit my details

In "Edit my details" this is where you go to edit your signature, email address, location, gender, birthdate, and date format.

Account name is greyed out because this is non-editable. However, you can change your signature, email address, location, gender, birthday, and your date format preference.

You need to enter your password in "Your Password" and click on the "Change" button on the top left to save.

Change my password

The next link is "Change my password". Very straightforward. Enter your old password then enter a new one and confirm by re-entering it and press "Change" on the top left.

Email alerts

Email alerts will send an email to the email address you enter into Edit my details for comments and messages. When you create your diary, these are defaulted to send you emails. But if you don't want to receive them any longer, click on "Email alerts" and deselect the box(es) and press "Save".

Time Zone

This is where you designate your time zone.

Diary subscriptions

You can subscribe to Bloop Tech or Team Bloop to stay in touch with tech news and community news by going to "Diary subscriptions" and checking the box(es) for the diaries you'd like to subscribe or unsubscribe to and save.

Delete my account

We don't want you to go! But if you must, here is how to do it. Click on "Delete my account" and fill out the form here:
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She's mine
by lillianbliss

But she isn't...


My niece Nylah just left with her mother for the weekend. We share custody of her. It's supposed to be joint. She's supposed to get her every other week. She comes and goes as she pleases and I never make a big deal of it because it doesn't seem to affect Nylah. She doesn't much care for her and all it does is disrupte our routine and what we have going on. I always have so much anxiety Whenever she does actually leave with her mother because I KNOW she's not being looked after properly. Nylah is also non verbal and this intensifies my anxiety of not having her with me. I can't stop crying. I know that I should be thankful for a break because it's hard handling her some days but I know what she wants and what she needs and she also doesn't like being away ftom me for long. I can't help but wonder if she's thinking I'm just handing her over and leaving her. I won't be able to sleep tonight feeling like this or the night after. I just want my baby back home with me.


I know that if we did have a set schedule and she followed it it wouldn't be so bad. The baby and I both would get used to it and the time would fly by but she's never followed anything. I can only pray that God doesn't take his hand off of my little and returns her happy and healthy because Lord knows that's not always the case. 

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I've landed a dream job. Really. I was able to get a job in the field that I want, in one of the most prominent tech companies in South Florida. I have flexibility, I'm respected at my position, I'm able to be candid with my boss, I'm not micromanaged. But I've been there for nearly 2.5 years now, and I'm growing impatient. I know there are opportunities for growth, but they just don't happen at a rate that I'm comfortable with. Sometimes, I feel nervous or dread coming into work because I feel like even though I know I bring a lot to the table at my job, I have self-esteem issues when it comes to my knowledge of the environment. I'm the lowest paid member of the team, including a couple of people who were hired after me (apparently because they had more experience, but I still had to train them). I felt like I have accomplished everything that I've been allowed to accomplish, and I find myself bored, and thinking about doing literally anything else. I can't sit still, and I want to find another job.

On the other hand, I feel like jumping ship to a grass that looks greener from the other side of the fence might not be the best move right now in the interest of stability, considering I have a child to look after, and a wife to care for who hates her job, and wants to quit and be a full time mother. Should I stick with it in the interest of my kid? I don't know how to sit still, and I'm always get uncomfortable around the 2 year mark, and end up burning myself out because the slightest effort at something I really don't want to do puts me into a lot of stress.

I need to think clearly and logically about all of this. I don't think I'm going to outright quit unless the one job I have my eyes on sees me as a potential candidate. This job will be a clear, undoubted step upward by every stretch of the imagination. And I have a good shot at getting my foot in the door. It's definitely something to think about.

Anyway, enough rambling. I'm going to go distract myself with something that doesn't stress me out.
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Account Subscriptions

Today we're going to talk about the different subscription levels. When you open your diary, you open a Standard account, which costs nothing. However, BloopDiary has two other account subscription options to choose from: BloopPlus and BloopXtra.

In Manage My Diary, look for BloopXtra and these are the options you find:

First, you have the Features Comparison List. This is the list of the different features and which subscriptions offer them. The next two links is to subscribe to either Plus or Xtra, we will go over the price list later in the entry. Then You have My Subscriptions, My BloopPoints balance, Give a gift subscription, and Recommend a friend.

Let's start with the comparison list, shall we?

Features Comparison List

I've broken the Features Comparison List down to 3 parts. The first column is for Standard, second is for Plus, and the last column is for Xtra.

costs - Standard is free all the time. BloopPlus you pay with your BloopPlus points, and BloopXtra you pay depending on the amount of time you want to pay for.

BloopPlus points are rewarded when you comment on the first entry of a new diary. You get 1 point per comment made on new diaries. As you can see 30 points buys you 1 month of BloopPlus. We are working on more ways for you to earn Plus points.

Advertisements -

Hide Advertisements: Standard doesn't allow you to hide advertisements but BloopPlus and BloopXtra does. Right now there are no ads on BloopDiary.

My Personal Diary -

The following features are included in all 3 subscription options: create your own personal diary, Visualise your diary with fonts & colors, Browse your diary calendar, View your received comments, View your sent comments, and Download your diary as .ZIP.

Personalise your comments with a star - not included in Standard, limited options in Plus, and all stars available in Xtra

Filter your received comments by username and Search Your diary Entries - only included in Xtra.

My Personal Profile - included in all 3 subscriptions: Tell the cocmmunity about yourself, Upload a photograph of yourself, and Specify your personal interests

My Photo Albums: Only Xtra subscribers can host photo albums

Privacy & Security: included in all 3 subscriptions are: Show your diary to the public, members, friends, or nobody, Write individual entries to the public, members, or privately, Write individual entries to your friends, Block an individual member, and Report an abusive member.

Included in only Xtra: Write individual entries to an exclusive list, Record who views your individual entries (Who's Viewed It?), and Record who accesses your diary or profile.

File & Image Hosting: This section gives you the breakdown of how much allocated file space each subscription has, the type of uploadable file types per subscription, and the cost for additional space per 10mb.

Allocated file space: Standard gets 1MB of space, Plus gets 1MB plus 5MB, and Xtra gets 1MB plus 25MB.

Uploadable file types: list of what file types are uploadable based on your subscription level.

Additional space per 10MB: If you want an additional 10MB it is $1.00 a month for all subscriptions. If you want 20MB additional, $2 a month, and so forth

Community Interaction: Included in all 3 subscription levels: Keep up-to-date with your fave diaries, Specify relations between you & other members, and Email alerts for new comments & messages

My Message Box: Included in all 3 subscription levels: Receive message in my inbox and Store contacts in my address book.

Included in Xtra only: Store copies of sent items and Create custom folders

Online Support: Included in all 3 subscription levels: Request assistance from support staff and Emergency support via email.

Receive priority support assistance is only included in Xtra

Subscribing to BloopXtra

After reviewing the comparison list you can scroll to the top right and click "Subscribe to BloopXtra" or you can go back to the menu and select "Subscribe to BloopXtra".

You get this screen:

If you had a subscription before, information about your previous subscription shows on top that includes our subscription status and reference number. To choose your level of Xtra you simply click one of the options and the link takes you to Paypal.

Under that, you have your payment history. As you can see this diary received/paid for Xtra October 27, 2008. It shows the dollar amount spent (in this case it looks like the xtra was rewarded by Steve), the length of the subscription, Status, and if you have any credit.

Subscribing to BloopPlus

If you have BloopPlus points, you can only spend them on subscribing to a Plus subscription. Click the link "Subscribe to BloopPlus"and this is your screen:

The screen gives you subscription status, subscription reference, and then it shows you your current balance (complete with a view history link) and the list of time and plus points to buy. BloopDiaryBasics has 0 points but if we had 30 points we could buy 1 month of Plus.

Then the last thing it shows is your BloopPlus payment history.

Since BloopDiaryBasics has never had any BloopPlus points, I went ahead and screenshotted my personal diary's history so you can see what type of information shows when clicking the "History" link next to your balance:

It shows you dates, how many points awarded, and what it was awarded for. You can also find "My BloopPlus balance" in the menu list.

Give a gift subscription

Feeling generous? You can gift BloopXtra subscriptions to anyone you'd like! Simply go to Manage My Diary and click on "Give a gift subscription".

In the box, type the diary name you want to gift and it will search for the diary you want. It may give you a list of diaries containing any keyword you type in.

For instance, I typed in "Mark" and two diaries popped up who met my criteria: Mark and Mark G.

I want to gift Mark so I click his diary name and it gives me the options of what I can gift him. If I want to send mark 1 month of BloopXtra, I click the link for 1 month and it brings me to paypal to complete my transaction. Mark gets his 1 month and a message letting him know that his friend paid for a month of Xtra for him. What a nice way to breed community, right? :)

So there you have it! Your 3 subscription levels explained!
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This has now been fixed.

Thanks for the bug report!
Theme 422
by Chris
It's actually apparently Theme 399, but here goes:

Submitted by Doc

Write an entry on why you created your diary on Bloop. Explain why you write and how you came to be on this particular website.

It was many, many years ago. I was on a website called Teen Open Diary (I don't even remember how I ended up there) and I was complaining about the direction of the website for one reason or another, and someone left a comment on my diary saying, "hey I know a better website that does all the things Teen Open Diary does, but better -- it's called Bloop Diary. And then here I was. I cemented myself a permanent fixture of the website, and despite my many long, long absences from Bloop, I think I'll always be back. Like I said before, until the bitter end.

I don't know why I write. It's not even particularly therapeutic. It just... gives me something to do. I like the feeling of typing sometimes. Even if I'm not really saying anything at all, I would just like the feel of just sitting down and typing whatever my fingers bring to the table. I'm not even sure I would be here if that comment that was left on my TeenOpenDiary directed me to any other website. But I don't regret it. I can't say that I met any super long lasting friends from Bloop, aside from the people who try to stay in touch with me (Jess), though I'm abjectly terrible at remaining in touch.

I do have to say I miss Estella, and there's a bit of a void in the website without her presence here.
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Hello Bloopers!

We thank those of you who are beta testing the new main page! We hope you are enjoying it. If you haven't tried out the new main page, now is your chance. Mark is working the last of the kinks out and will be changing us over to the new format this week. Once he does, he may still have some kinks to sort through but we don't expect a major problem.

Mark's next project that he is working on is the entry editor. In our live meeting last night he showed us what he has so far. It's a great start! He thinks it should be ready to use by next week! Fingers crossed!

Discussion can now subscribe to topics within the Forums by clicking the chat icons next to the thread you want to follow. When there is an update you should receive a message.

If you need assistance, please click the "Get Help" option on your taskbar and raise a ticket, we will be happy to assist you.

If you missed last night's Live Meeting, you can view it HERE.

Beth, Community Companion
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Theme 422
by Theme Of The Week
Option 1: New

Submitted by Anonymous Source.

What are your favorite and least favorite misconceptions about the country you live in, or the one you're from?

Option 2: Old (Theme 399)

Submitted by Doc

Write an entry on why you created your diary on Bloop. Explain why you write and how you came to be on this particular website.

Option 3: TOTW Submitted

If money was no object, what would you do? Would you still work? Why or why not?

» Submit a theme idea.
» Submit your entry to the TOTW circle.
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NOJOMO Participants List
by NOJOMO 2020
What is NOJOMO?

Every November is November Journal Writing Month, or NOJOMO for short. From November 1 through November 30 diarists write an entry a day. We here at Bloop make it a contest with a neat prize at the end.

Participant List

If you're interested in participating in the NOJOMO contest, please leave a comment here. You will be put on the Faves list so I can keep track of your progress. Every day a prompt will be posted. You do not have to use a prompt if you don't want to, they are there if you don't have anything else to write about.

1. Greta Garbage
2. Return-to-Sender
3. Mark
4. The Ryan
5. Anonymous Source
6. Oprah Noodlemantra
7. Tam I Am
8. Dab
9. *amour de bebe*
10. *Forever Changing*
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You can now enter your contest submissions in the forums here:

Show Me Your Jack-O-Lanterns Contest

You could win a free month of BloopXtra! We can't wait to see your submissions!
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Not that new
by lillianbliss

So.... Im not exactly new. I had a diary on here when i was like 14 up until I graduated high school back in 2005. I was one of those teen open diary refugees. I briefly came back a few years later but it didn't stick.. This place has always held a peice of my heart i had built some great friendships and recently ive found myself drawn back here needing a place to come to write and just be completely honest about everything that I'm feeling. I'm in my thirties now and i've never felt as lost as i do now which is crazy considering how insane i felt as a teenager.


I think I'll save all of my thirty something year old angst for the next entry, Just wanted to write to make my return offical! I hope it sticks this time. I've missed you bloop :)



1 like, 8 comments

Today's lesson is going to be pretty easy! We're talking about comments today and what you can do in Manage My Diary in regards to comments. Manage My Diary has two options for comments: comment template and comment star. Today we will go over the comment template.

Comment Template

Just like entries, you can use a layout in your comments. Normally it is a small box that grows as you type. You can use it without a photo or with an icon. Or you can choose not to use a layout at all. Dealers choice. The comment template looks like this:

You have two box areas to put your template in. The top box is for the top half of your template and the second is for the bottom half. You can choose whether your template shows when you click to write a comment or leave the comment area blank when you're typing but the layout shows when you save.

As you see in the sample above, I dropped an icon layout in the top box and put the end HTML in the bottom box. I opted to hide the coding when I go to comment.

Here is what the layout looks like when you post a comment:

And as you can see, the more you type the bigger the box becomes:

And there you have it, comment templates explained :)
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Recent Forum Reply
Currently, you get a message.

True notifications will be a thing soon ;)
Spoilers ahead.

After Haunting of Hill House, this one has been a pretty big disappointment. I'm not finished with it yet, but last night I watched episode 5, and I'm beginning to lose my patience with it. At first, the story was doing a very good job of the "show, don't tell" aspect, and attempting to be subtle about what's been going on with the characters, albeit a bit too focused on the non horror, drama side of things for a bit too long. I was willing to be patient, even if I felt that the build up was a bit too slow. But the 5th episode, man...

It was a full hour of one of the characters basically being whisked through space and time explaining things we already knew. It was the same effect they used in Haunting of Hill House to explain the Broken Neck Lady, which was done in an extremely compelling way. But when they did it here, I just felt like we sat through the same 3 scenes 5 times in a row with a couple of other expository scenes sprinkled in. It's like if a comedian did an hour of pretty okay comedy, and then spent a second hour explaining all the jokes he did in the first hour. We fucking get it, dude. To paint a specific example, one of the children, Miles, was thought to have been possessed by the ghost of Peter Quinn. It's been laid on a bit too thick that the kid has multiple personalities, and he's been taking on pretty much every aspect of Peter's personality and physical quirks except for the accent. And then they spent like a full 25 minutes explaining it in episode 5 like it was somehow this big twist. We spent another 25 minutes watching the show explain that Hannah is some sort of ghost figure, and that she's basically been dead the whole time... another thing we already goddamn knew, considering the fact that the show has been doing its best to zoom in the fact that she doesn't really eat, drink, or leave the grounds, and makes weak excuses every time she has to do that.

Don't get me wrong, I get why they had to spell these things out, but to be honest, I didn't need a full hour of explaining it. I'm much more interested in Dani's ex fiance who keeps showing up, and when she finally accepted it and addressed him in front of the campfire, they whisked us away to spend an hour re-telling a story that's already been explained through the previous four episodes in (slightly) subtle clues.

I'm going to watch the rest of it, but I already know the payoff isn't going to be as good as the previous Haunting show, considering how annoyed I am with the pacing thus far.
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