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Theme 434
by Theme Of The Week
theme 434 Option 1

Submitted by LittleUn.

What are your favourite in-jokes with your friends?

theme 434 Option 2

Submitted by Ashalicious.

If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, which would it be?

theme 434 Option 3

Submitted by TOTW

What fictional character do you most relate to?

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mom heart cath
by The Avon Lady

mom has a 100 % blocakge more appointments in her future...  so maybe losing my job was a catch 22... 


Shop online at

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Theme 433
by Theme Of The Week
theme 433 Option 1 New

Submitted by LittleUn.

What are your top 3 favourite books? Top 3 favourite movies? Top 3 favourite songs?

theme 433 Option 2 Old

Submitted by Ganjagurl.

Write a letter to yourself that you can't read again until 2030.

theme 433 Option 3 TOTW

What are your thoughts on the January 6th Capitol Hill riot/state of politics this month in the US?

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Well y’all, it happened... I got my rack back!
I had my surgery Tuesday. I went to sleep at 8 am and woke up sometime that evening with cleavage! It is WILD! If anyone is concerned about the actual reconstruction, it’s called DIEP flap, where they take tissue and skin from my abdomen, and transplant it to my chest. In super basic terms they gave me a tummy tuck and turned it into a a titty. Obviously it’s a lot more complicated than that, and involves microsurgery to attach the one artery and vein involved, but that’s the idea. We also decided last minute (like half an hour before I went to the OR) to do a lift on my right breast, for balance. We had always talked about doing a lift, or reduction, or something, on the right, for a more symmetrical result, but it was always presented as a secondary procedure. We’d make sure the flap took properly, and then when it was healed we could touch it up if needed, and balance the right. But no, we had the OR time, which COVID is making more precious all the time, and actually had a second breast surgeon on hand, so yeah. One and done!
The first 24ish hours post-op, they check the flap visually, and with Doppler, to make sure there is blood flow and no necrosis. If shit is going south I’d have been taken back to the OR immediately. Thankfully, all went well. They backed the checks off to every 2 hours, then every 4. I don’t know if the doctors and nurses were trying to hype me up because of the whole mental aspect of healing, or if I really was a model patient. They kept saying how incredible everything looked and how well I’m healing.
I was in hospital until Saturday morning, when I got dressed for the first time in nearly a week, and got the hell out of there.
I was expecting the pain to be a lot worse. It’s certainly not pain-free, but never have I been over a 2/10 pain level with this whole thing. I didn’t even bother filling my prescription for tramadol after I was discharged, I just take an extra strength ibuprofen (and another drug for nerve pain) a few times a day.
I’ve got 2 drains in my lower abdomen which are a pain in the arse (especially because I have to wear an abdominal binder for 6 weeks), but it’s better than when I had three (they pulled the drain from my breast Saturday morning). I’m hoping to be drain-free by the weekend, or at least down to one.
I am both so excited about, and absolutely dreading shopping for and wearing real bras again. If things were open as normal I’d love to take a day and go to a nice lingerie store to be pampered and fitted and spoil myself. As it is, I’m praying online size guides are true and researching return policies.
Thank you for coming to my TED talk about my new boob situation.
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entry 2
by eyeore's twin

Georgia your on my mind

so here I am up watching the Georgia runoffs with baited breathe I wanted to stay away from politics but I really really can't it's so ingrained in my every thought and being

So I am struggling so hard with my mental illness today I know some of it is loneliness Bren will be gone until middle of the night Friday/Early morning Saturday I miss her so much but I know that my separation anxiety in relationships has been a breaking point of me but I can get out of it

I have to go to Walmart tomorrow thank God my mental health worker will be there he definitely stops my panic attacks

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Theme 432
by Theme Of The Week
theme 432 option 1 New

Submitted by LittleUn.

Do you believe in soulmates? Why or why not?

theme 432 option 2 Old

Submitted by Ashalicious.

If you could have personally witnessed one event in history, which would it be?

theme 432 option 3

Submitted by TOTW

If you could relive a single moment, what moment would it be?

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entry 1
by eyeore's twin

my so called life

So its been a real longtime since i've had a diary here, Well my life for once is pretty calm for once I have almost 7 years clean and sober I spend time with my girl every friday thru sunday after church and tuesdays afternoons after I see my mental health worker we go to wichita with our friend Jo. School starts in Feburaury I spend a lot of time with my puppy Roxy shes a pug chi pit mix shes so precious and I don't know what I'd do without her. I also have my church life I have an awesome mentor who were doing an awesome bible study with it's a journal prompt daily based on the scripture of the week. Every other weekend I work in the sound booth at my church which is small like a family and I know that when push comes to shove they'll be there for me. Bren is out of town right now because her mother died of Covid last week and i miss her like crazy for the past few years i've been going back to NY for the month of December while my Mom and I are still not on speaking terms i've been able to make amends with most of my other family members things are better now a lot better then I've had in a long time while my diabetes is really bad I almost died of low blood sugar on thanksgiving and Roxy woke up Bren and she woke me up and made me check my blood sugar and it was so low that my glucose meter couldn't read it. But overall my life is better then it ever was

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As this year comes to a close I feel like very little was accomplished. Every moment has had a sprinkling of pandemic all over it. Well, I guess the first two months of the year didn't. January was nice for me. February was great too; I coasted through my happy new engaged feelings and probably annoyed everyone I worked with. Shut up, I'm excited. Lol


Apparently because of my autoimmune disease I can't get the Covid vaccine until it's been out and about for at least a year. The chances of me breaking out in hives because of it are high. Given that the flu shot gives me some interesting side effects, I'm not surprised I have to wait. So people better keep their distance from me. I'll be snotty about it if I have to.


Christmas season at a pharmacy is a shit show. The days leading up to Christmas were just basically people trying to survive. And then we found out the entire province was going back into lockdown and that caused an uproar again. People have lost their fucking minds. Maybe if you didn't go and have parties and leave your zone we wouldn't have to do this again. Idiots. WEAR the damn MASK, stay six feet apart, and don't go out unless you have to. Going to Starbucks is not essential. Going to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions filled is. Get it through your thick skulls already.  I have no fucking patience for the idiots going out just to go out. Where's your sense, people?


In other news, I binged Bridgerton. What a saucy show! Why aren't more people talking about how "thirsty" this show is?! Like, I had to fan myself off after an episode. Chris enjoyed my response to the show. I was immediately demanding sex. LOL The plot is terrible, but I was hooked. It was like a trainwreck. I couldn't look away. Hahaha

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Recent Forum Reply
New year, new titty! That's the plan, anyway...
I got a call from my surgeon's office today that they had a cancellation for January 5th, I had one hour to decide. It was like a weird ransom request... "you have one hour to respond". So, I freaked out a bit, called Josh, weighed some pros and cons (quickly!) and decided that fuck it, I'm doing it. I've waited 2+ years for breast reconstuction, and if I don't take this appointment, and surgeries start getting bumped or cancelled due to COVID again, who knows how long it will be? I'm very pissed/frustrated with myself that I've gained back COVID/Christmas/whatever weight, but my surgeon is okay to go ahead at my current BMI, so I'm willing to do it if she is.
Surgery is on Tuesday. I work straight through from today until Sunday. I'm "off" Monday, but need to get some bloodwork done for my thyroid (oh yeah, I had half of that taken out in November, which was its own whole thing) and then I guess my mom and I will head to London and stay in a hotel for the night. Between an early arrival for surgery, and it being January in Southwestern Ontario, I'll want to go down the night before. Hopefully I can get takeout from my fave place as a last hoorah to food before I'm eating hospital meals for 5 days. I guess that will be one way to get a jump on the 15 lbs I've gained back in the last few months.
Josh will stay home with Piper, as she has remote learning that week, and of course there's no reason for them to come with me anyway - they can't come to the hospital even if I wanted them to... and why would I want a 4 year old at the hospital while I have 8 hours of surgery? His seasonal work contract ends Dec 31, and being jobless is a bit of a blessing in disguise situation, I guess. Knowing that he's home and there's no weird schedule-juggling that has to happen with Piper makes me feel better about this being such a short-notice situation.
I am terrified - the healing process is going to be total shit. The COVID numbers are higher in the area I'll be going than they are in my home city/county and there have been oubreaks in hospitals in London. And of course, what if I'm the 1% for whom this procedure doesn't work? But on the other hand... having 2 boobs again? Feeling normal in clothes? Filling out tops and wearing my dresses again? Not hiding awkwardly in a rash guard at the beach? I am so so excited to have this done!
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Theme 431
by Theme Of The Week
theme 431 Option 1

Submitted by The Ryan

Which of your parents are you most like? Personality? Physically? And if you have your own children, who are they most like?

theme 431 Option 2

Submitted by
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Hello Bloopers!

Your friendly Community Organizer here! Hope everyone had a great Christmas, even if it may have been quite different this year! Mine consisted of a zoom call to our usual Christmas Eve crowd this year instead of seeing them in person! Hoping that next Christmas we can be with the ones we love safely!

Three more days left of 2020!!! I remember back in the day a lot of us used to do "Year in Review" entries on NYE or just before. I feel like we should do it a little differently this year so here's a little fun challenge for you!

Write an entry and answer these questions:

1. What was the best thing that happened to you personally in 2020?

2. What was the worst thing that happened to you personally in 2020?

3. List all the books you read this year:

4. Because of Covid-19 I discovered/re-discovered:

5. I hope 2021 will be.....

6. List the movies I watched this year:

7. I celebrated the holidays this year differently by:

8. Some good things that happened this year for me was:

It would be interesting how everyone responds! I will be posting this in Forum Games in the Discussion Forums as well! Please share your entries if you decide to do this there! I'll even award a few Bloop Points to those who participate!

Beth, Community Organizer
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Good early morning...
by Sammy Joe

Just listening to Doug & the Slugs... a lot of people had pizza last night... Princess G and her nasty crew... I kinda wished I was invited even though G and I are not friends. My brother ordered the pizza... and it wasn't the fact there wasn't enough to go around -- it was a party sized one. So, to her I say... I hope you get indigestion. G just pisses me off. 

Anyways, how are you Bloopers? I am going to play the Sims 2 until about 7a then, I will get breakfast. and then start my day. I can't wait for NYE.. that's when we can order! I am getting a panzo/calzone, fries and a Diet Coke. :D This is my special day, once a month I get to do this. :) I can't wait!!

D I feel sorry for bc she's going in the brains department. Alzheimers is a scary disease... it robs you slowly of your mind. :(

I can put the screenshots up here for you to enjoy. (the Sims I mean)

Also I want to change the visualization... :)




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Just a quickie...
by Sammy Joe

I'm not dead... I have the attn span of a rabid squirrel. Like really. How have you Bloopers been? I have been just hanging with Bees and Julz, I could tell you more but, I'm v. tired. Maybe tomorrow? Maybe not? I don't know.


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Recent Forum Reply
Forum Thread: Hi there
Forum: General Discussion
My region is under lockdown too. It's mad. Luckily for me I have my family and friends nearby me.

A group of us, are watching Conan the Barbarian, but we are pannIg. Not a fan of Schwarzenegger, or whatever, that is what's happening, my sister gifted us with Tim's coffee, and hot cocoa. :) I love Wen to death! :D

I watched A Dog's Way Home before Conan. I loved the part where the dog topples over Big Kitten on the ice. So adorable! I like Arnold... others don't but I do. :) I liked him the best in Twins and in The Terminator. 

Julz (my older sister and roomie) said that I was talking about my dog Ollie in my sleep. LOL!!!

Pork chops tonight, the good ones from the butcher. :)

Anyways... enjoy your Boxing Day...


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Recent Forum Reply
Only two submissions but that's okay! Thanks for playing! Fam!lyTimes6 wins! I'll message you!

Actually, I love hot cocoa period. It is a chocolatey warm hug on a cold day!

Today, is Caturday...

Readers, are you a cat person or a dog person? I am a cat person. I like when they purr or chirp at the birds, or give you tiny meows to show their affection, I love their soft fur, I love their attitude. Cat-titude. Or tortie-tude if you have a tortoiseshell cat.

I guess today is the day I maintain my computer. Y'know, virus scanning, defragging, that kind of thing.


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Or whatever diarists here are called. I am doing well...  just listening to Sister Sledge... you know that song? Yeah, that one. I am just typing this out and trying to decide what to do next...? A big question I know. I might hang with Bees and Julz (my sisters) today. I have 3 sisters and two brothers. I have Wendy and Julianne who are my older sisters and Colleen (whom I call Bees), Ryan and Dave who are younger. 

Wen ordered Tim's coffee for everyone. She is too sweet. I love my family. <3


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My Holiday look
by Sammy Joe

Here I am in my Christmas finery... pray to God I don't slop things down my front like a damn pig -- which I always do. We are having turkey, ham, mashed potato, yams, and other things... like punkin pie for dessert. Yes, I said 'punkin'.

I will take pix of the food, if I remember. And, on NYE Bees and I are ordering Pizza Pizza.

I can't wait for tonight... I am sooo hungry!!

I told two members of the High & Mighty club to fuck off. They want a fight, they will get a fight. I am not afraid of either member. They disgust me.


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Good aft!
by Sammy Joe

So, this be my Bloopdiary. It's Christmas Eve, and I'm waiting for Liz to come. She should be here anytime now. What are you doing for Christmas Eve, we are having our turkey and ham dinner today bc Wen is busy tomorrow. So, we have to maintain a healthy appetite... which for me, is relatively easy. :) 

I was bunking with Bees for the last 8 days, and while I love my sister very much, I cannot sleep in that room another night. Too many bangings of doors, and sobbing/insane laughter. Too busy is what I mean. My room is quiet and serene... nothing like Bees & Cyn's room.

Well.. I'd better get ready for Liz. :)

Looking forward to meeting anyone who comes across this diary.


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Recent Forum Reply
Forum Thread: A - Z of Christmas
Forum: Forum Games
T: Tinsel
"I am now writing as a follow up to our meetings and my letter of 4th November 2020, with excellent news and we couldn't be happier to conform, that your position is no longer at risk of redundancy."

Received this email this morning, to say that it was a weight off of my shoulders is an understatement - not gonna lie. I was starting to think that I needed to look. I'm not guaranteed safety, especially in the industry that I work on. But having that written is about as good of one that I can get.

Enjoying the recent improvements and fixes here at Bloop - it's real nice to see the activity of the site grow along with its feature set. Back to how it used to be, how it should be. It's really nice!

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Theme 430
by Theme Of The Week
theme 430 option 1

Submitted by LittleUn.

What are your favourite and least favourites qualities about your partner? What are their favourite and least favourite qualities about you?

theme 430 option 2

Submitted by A Mother's Journey

If you are currently (or were previously) in a relationship, how do (or did) you get along with your partner's family?

theme 430 option 3

In your last relationship what do you you wish your partner did less of?

» Submit a theme idea.
» Submit your entry to the TOTW circle.
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We had an appraisal scheduled for 1pm today. This house has gone through quite the transformation over the past couple years. We've added:

  • An entire apartment area for the in-laws.
  • An extra bedroom.
  • Five egress windows.
  • Completely open-concept-ized the living area.
  • New kitchen.
  • New bathroom.
  • Giant bubble bath in the new bathroom.
  • Huge garage.
  • Asphalt driveway.
  • Cement sidewalk.
  • Front porch extension.
  • Retaining wall for egress windows.

Attached is a picture of this weekend's project. It was quite the challenge getting it completed in time.

I'm glad the appraisal is done. Now I can get back to buying Christmas gifts... ;-D

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Hello Bloopers!

Thank you MarksFriend and Tam I Am for joining us for tonight's meeting! Tam I Am won a month of free bloopxtra!

In case you missed the meeting, you can view it here: Team Bloop Live Meeting # 16

Some highlights:

Mark's special surprise - Mark turned into a red panda!

Mobile compatibility - Mark worked on making the entry editor, faves list, and the main page more mobile friendly

New Entry Editor - more improvements made on the new entry editor.

Bloop Research Project - Beth is conducting a study to determine how we are doing in the community. She would like volunteers to participate in a short survey. Please message her if interested at Greta Garbage.

Bugs - Mark and Steve identified and killed quite a few bugs in the system this week. If you come across one, please raise a ticket and we'll exterminate them for you!

Beth, Community Organizer

Beth, Community Companion
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"I am now writing as a follow up to our meetings and my letter of 4th November 2020, with excellent news and we couldn't be happier to conform, that your position is no longer at risk of redundancy."

Received this email this morning, to say that it was a weight off of my shoulders is an understatement - not gonna lie. I was starting to think that I needed to look. I'm not guaranteed safety, especially in the industry that I work on. But having that written is about as good of one that I can get.

Enjoying the recent improvements and fixes here at Bloop - it's real nice to see the activity of the site grow along with its feature set. Back to how it used to be, how it should be. It's really nice!

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Bloop Chat & Trivia
by BloopDiaryBasics
Bloop Chat

Bloop Chat and Trivia is back! For those of you who has been here for years know we used to have Bloop Chat and we enjoyed a trivia game inside. Mark has brought this feature back to life!

The new bloop chat is very easy to use! Here's how...

On the main page towards the right under your diary stats box is the chatroom box:

The chat room comes up and you're ready to converse.

There are three commands to know:

!changecol - changes the color of your diary name if you don't like the color assigned when entering the chat room. Gone are the days when we had to go in and out until we got the color we wanted.

After typing !changecol and pressing send you will see a message that your color was changed and the word "example" shows you the color it changed to. You can enter this command as many times as you want until you get the color you like.

!chatters - shows you a list of all connected members inside the chat

Now you see the list of who is inside the chat:

To leave the chat, press the back button to go back to the main page or simply close your browser/tab if you don't want to return to Bloop.


The third command is for trivia. Anyone can start trivia at any time. As of right now, no points are rewarded for trivia but eventually we will add them later. If no one knows the answer, the trivia bot will give you a hint. If no one gets the right answer, the trivia bot announces it and moves on to the next question.

To start trivia type !triviastart

Once you initiate trivia, the Trivia Bot lets you know to get ready!

Some questions are just questions, some give you options to choose from (like the one in the below image) and some are true or false. If no one responds or responds with the wrong answer, the Trivia Bot gives you a second chance by giving you a hint.

If no one has the right answer after the hint, it will tell you the correct answer.
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Hello Bloopers!

Our next Team Bloop Live Meeting is tomorrow, Sunday December 13 at 7:00 pm EST on Facebook Live. Link to BloopDiary's Facebook is at the bottom of the entry. Please like and follow us if you don't already!

We will be discussing some changes and new features:

1. Instant Messaging - NOW AVAILABLE! Icon on top right of your screen with a blue "new" bubble above it! Check it out!

2. Research Study - we will be conducting a research study to find out what is working and what needs to be improved/added to make the BloopDiary experience amazing for all. If you would like to be included please message me at Greta Garbage

3. Discussion Forums - we have a new Forum called Forum Games. We have 1 game and 1 contest currently running:

A - Z Christmas: post a picture of something Christmas related beginning with the next letter of the alphabet. We are currently on R.

Holiday Decorations Contest: Post a picture of your decorated home, tree, or room and the best decorations will win a $15 Amazon gift card. Deadline to get your pictures in is December 26th. Winner will be decided and posted that day.

Anyone can host a game or contest in this forum!

4. Chat Room and Trivia - the chat room is up and running and we even have trivia again! You can get to chat by going to the main page and it's listed in the right column. We have 3 commands you can use:

To change the color of your name: !changecol
To see a list of chatters: !chatters
To start trivia: !triviastart

Mark also says he has something to special to share with us in the meeting and although I don't know what is (he's keeping mum about it) I am excited to learn what it is!

We hope to see you all in the meeting!

Beth, Community Organizer
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by Kamillianne
The. first time I heard the music was 2017. It was in the summer. Initially I only heard it as I walked by my fan and hear it in passing....if I stood directly by the fan I would be able to hear it consistently.. It was a faint tune. Couldn't make it out.  But then..  Thought nothing of it....used science to explain it was just an electrical glitch. Wires getting crossed and was coming out of the fan through the current and the turning blades creating the sounds. As the days turned into weeks the music started to become clearer. Some days it sounded like it was in stereo....other days....could barely make out a beat. The music itself had no rhyme or reason. It would go to 80's music to heavy metal to 60's country to opera.... I heard music in different languages...honestly thought that it was pretty cool that this was happening. Even listened to a bluegrass station....the DJ talked for about 5 minutes before he played music....

I was ok with this situation for so long because I could explain it away. It was all scientific....until one day I started to hear the music with no fan around. That freaked me out....and it followed me where ever I went...but it was most prominent in my bedroom. 

one day when the music was at it's loudest I brought in different family members to see if they could hear one could. I just got strange looks as if I were losing my marbles. 

My family was starting to worry about me.....and to be honest I was too. Was I going crazy? Why was I the only one who could hear the music? 

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by Kamillianne

So I used to be a member of Bloop 20 yrs ago. Wow...cant believe it's been that long. But I came back because I wanted a forum that I had felt safe to where I can share my story...

what I have to share needs to be read with an open mind...and to be honest...if these things hadn't happen to me I'm not sure if I would believe...but I'm sharing because I feel that my story needs to be shared. To be acknowledged. Maybe someone else has experienced strange things and feel like they can't share in fear of being ridiculed or told that they were crazy. Because when you experience a spiritual awakening you do feel crazy. Everyone's journey is different in what they experience and why. 

My journey started 4 yrs ago....and I'm just now ready to share.....I hope that you will be open and expand your mind....

1 like, 4 comments

So I think the initial meeting of Chris and I is a cute one. To clarify, he was a regular at my work every morning. He would be an energy drink and some sort of stew on his way to work. So I technically already had a rapport with him. 

On the day that he asked me out, we were fundraising at my work. I had asked him if he wanted to make a donation and he said yes. I told him he could write his name on the leaf and he said I could put what I wanted. So I laughed and said I would probably put a name of a character from Doctor Who on there then, like I did with any leaf a person didn't want to write their name on. It was a Wednesday, and he asked me how my day was going. I said boring, as Wednesdays usually are. He smiled and said have a good day. Later that day, I found a facebook message from him and asking me out for drinks. I showed the message to my roommate and asked her opinion. It was decided that since he had been coming to the store for a few years at this point, that it wasn't creepy. I said yes.  And now we're getting married! Who knew?!

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Recent Forum Reply
Terminator Mark to the rescue!
Recent Forum Reply
Hey guys,

Yes you have read that right. We have brought back the chat room.

It's still a work in progress at the moment, styles and features will be added and changed of course.

This is the best time for you to give suggestions and feedback for it. Features you think should be added? What did you like the most about the previous chatroom?

Current commands
!changecol - this adjusts your name color to another random color
!trivia - this asks a random trivia question (this is very early at the moment, and definitely not complete)
!chatters - this shows who is currently in the chatroom at the moment.
Recent Forum Reply
What a beautiful picture
Recent Forum Reply
good idea! Great job!
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