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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

the girl

Hi my name is Dominique but most of you know me as Nikki or Nique I've been on and off bloop since the early days I currently live just outside Wichita Kansas I've been here for 10 years now I used to be quite the nomad I am pan-sexual and have the most awesome Girl Friend Bren i've known her for years but we've been dating since last March we are getting ready to move in together

I am currently a student and am studying Non-profit administration I'm hoping to start my own non-profit to help homeless and formerly homeless women because I was homeless on and off my whole adult life. I am also A recovering addict and alcoholic and struggle with PTSD and Bipolar one night 8 years ago a bloop member saved my life after reading one of my enteries and she called the cops which stopped me from hurting myself

her world
10 entries
04/19/2021entry 11
03/17/2021entry 10
02/22/2021entry 09
02/20/2021entry 08
02/19/2021entry 08
02/17/2021entry 06
02/14/2021entry 04
01/25/2021Entry 03
01/05/2021entry 2
01/05/2021entry 1
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