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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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Nightmares, relationship insecurities, and Adulting
My PTSD is really bad right now it seems that every night I have been having nightmares I know they say that you can't die in a dream but I had a night terror about my mother killing me and no one showing up at my funeral because I'm hated so much I know I'm not.

So I'm a very bubbly and flirty person thats just me I am super outgoing well Bren asked me last night if I had a thing for our roommate it was weird because I had just told said roommate that Bren is the only person I've been monogomous with and the only person that I want to be better for so I am trying to work on that I am so happy that Bren came to me and didn't have her casemanager about it we've also decided that one of us will change our common treatment team members things are really muddy sometime because its hard for them to balance things

I really hate adultimg right now I have started to organize my room and am making piles of things I would like to put in my storage unit the first time I lived here I was coming out of a facility so I didn't really have much now I have actual things also even though I have a payee I'm still having to learn how to budget my money and have to work on that especially when it comes to saving for New York. The mental health center is starting groups again and all the things between my case manager and therapist and house groups as well regular groups I can't wait to feel normal again
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