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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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6 Days

So 6 days until i move bren came by for 15 minutes to pick up some of her stuff so that i don't have to pack up her stuff my case manager is bringing me boxes on monday and is going to help me pack on tuesday but i might need him to take me to the storage place so i can rent a storage unit and to walmart so i can get bedding because i don't still have the bedding i still had last time i was there i am slowly getting then ready


previous entry: entry 06

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This sounds like a good thing!!! Moving is an event in itself. We JUST moved in November and we're still going through things!! Though, there are 4 of us total in our family, so that might have something to do with it. When my (now) husband moved out on his own, he rented a storage unit for his mother. When I met him he was living back home to help her with rent at the house she was living in. HOWEVER, she is a hoarder and we ended up keeping that storage unit for almost a decade and took an entire weekend to empty it.

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