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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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entry 14


why have a payee,

So I've been organizing my room because it's always a mess so I took my winter stuff and my craft stuff that aren't being used as well as my AA leadership stuff and was going to the storage place we get there and my payee hasn't paid my bill since I moved here in February but the lady at the storage place said my stuff was save so when I get home I call my payee and she's like ok why haven't paid that. The reason I have a payee is because when I was in Sober living my roommates took advantage of me and then I'd be messed up for the last 2 years with the help of the payee I'm doing better they even have to tell me spend money because i'm getting close to the limit I'm allowed to save per social securities rules I'm working with my Case Manager on getting a new power of attorney seeing my current one has relapsed and haven't seen or heard from in over a year when I got covid and was in the hospital they couldn't get a hold of her. My current payee someone different and is a professional payee she handles disabled peoples money for a living.

My hair is falling out don't know whats going on and my Primary care Dr doesn't seem worried but I am I'm thinking of calling my endocrinologist and seeing if he'll investigate that issue I really am thinking of firing my Primary care and seeing if I can see one of his PA's that I seem to have a better repour with her

right at this second I am on the phone with my stepdad booking my trip to New York for Christmas usually we do this in August but I was just playing around with expedia and noticed that one of the two hostels I stay in was already sold out so now we're booking at my second favorite hostel I can't wait to finally be in the City again but two weeks is all I can handle I'm definitely a country girl now I like just walking where theres not a million people and I can just zone out while blasting my music

A new girl has moved in I know her from around town she seems cool hopefully she'll fit in here. At least I know when Bren and another roomie moves out I won't be stuck alone or with the one roommate that backs me want to be a violent person even though I'm usually not.
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