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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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Entry 15


Rain rain go away
So it's been raining on and off here all week and we expect it to keep doing that for another 10 days. I finally got my hair cut I had to skip group to do it but it had to be done.

So I got to church on Sunday and my pastor asked me if I wanted to learn how to learn how to run the sound not just the in house graphics it was fun so pretty much i'm learning the sound during the sound checks and the graphics during the service since we got the new sound board since the church got it.

Bren and I are good it seems like things are getting back to normal she has been more loving lately. She's changing her therapist cause we have the same therapist and she's driving her crazy and i've always wanted us to have separate treatment teams so theres no conflict but her casemanager while not my casemanager is also the casemanager that's running the house right now but we're doing better about keeping things separate

So my stepdad and I booked my trip home to NYC for Christmas I usually go the weekend before Christmas and come home New Years Day but this year Christmas and New Years are on Saturdays so that would be too long so i'm coming it on the Wednesday before Christmas which makes things more difficult cause my Bio Dad and Step mom inisist on only seeing me on the weekend and my step dad can only take me to see cousin dave on a weekend and cousin dave isn't doing well and seeing my stepdad pays for the trip even though my bio dad always say they will help then don't and last time because i didn't see my biodad on the weekend my step mom wouldn't see me and he refused to leave the train station I also have a lot of friends that want to see me but they're willing to take days off just to see me and then theres always the question of whether I'll see Monica and the Kids its just a mess and my dad keeps making it an issue when he doesnt seem to understand its a two way street.

I've now had my CGM for about a month and oh my it has definetly has helped I now notice that my sugars do strange things throughout the day it seems like all day my sugars are high then after dinner i go low until way early in the morning I hope that all this data will help my diabetes DR and I will be able to make more informed decision about my insulin dosing well i guess it's time to go
Credit: Sx3.Layouts

previous entry: entry 14

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