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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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Georgia your on my mind

so here I am up watching the Georgia runoffs with baited breathe I wanted to stay away from politics but I really really can't it's so ingrained in my every thought and being

So I am struggling so hard with my mental illness today I know some of it is loneliness Bren will be gone until middle of the night Friday/Early morning Saturday I miss her so much but I know that my separation anxiety in relationships has been a breaking point of me but I can get out of it

I have to go to Walmart tomorrow thank God my mental health worker will be there he definitely stops my panic attacks


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I think, especially now, all must be aware of the happenings in politics. Even if we don’t want to. The world is just such a hot mess right now. The USA especially. A good luck with the walmart trip. Treat yourself with something when you’re done with your trip.

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