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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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So I have great news tomorrow I get my continuous glucose meter finally after last night when my sugars were all over the place and I had a meltdown because I was feeling well all day but when I got home from church I checked my blood sugar before my snack and it was 300 then 312 then after a breakdown and me crying into Bren's arms about how much I hate this disease my sugar went down to 78 right before I went to bed. Life has been crazy I love Bren but she has a habit of instead of telling me her needs and wants she has her case manager discuss it with me then after the crap she pulled with getting an apartment together and me ending up in the group home because of it she's trying to pressure me to move to Wichita because she wants out of Newton and she always is wanting to be anywhere but where she is and I can't risk it again I refuse to go back to my nomadic and transient lifestyle I need some structure and roots in my life. I love her so much I really do I am just scared seeing we both have issues especially with communication and I would really rather not having our treatment teams doing our communication for us. Church is going good I'm in the soundbooth every week right now which is pretty cool.


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some people have a hard time with communication. I am nonconfrontational and have a hard time expressing my feelings. I get it, but she should at least try and the case manager should be helping her to communicate on her own

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CGMs are awesome and will change your life.

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