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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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Breakups friends and boundaries
For most of this summer I've been trying to write an entry and haven't finished one yet so brenda and I broke up I had been looking for a way for a way to do it then I was like yep your right your right so then she got mad and she started blowing up my phone all weekend and if I didn't answer she'd start texting me about not answering her and it just became to much today she said she wasn't going to church and then she showed up I was glad she made it. We did communion and her and I usually pray together before taking communion and God told me to still go pray with her and i'm glad I did

We have a couple new roommates and they are awesome. Ever since Bren moved out theres so much more harmony in the house.

My hotel for my new york trip got shut down because of COVID so then things went crazy and now i'm staying with a friend of the family and I'm excited because that will give me a chance to spend more time with her plus I'm in the neighborhood that my stepdad lives in and only a few subway stops from my step moms house

So an ex has come back into my life and I think this might be a God thing but either way we're trying to work on being friends again before seeing where anything else happens
Credit: Sx3.Layouts

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