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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin

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finally a hotspot

So since I got my CGM things have been great well my first week 3 sensors failed but customer service was great this time i ordered some patches that goes over it and it's working better and a great help

Finally this week I got a hotspot for Bren and I to share at the house it's so nice not having to go downtown to deal with our online business

things between Bren and I are better I guess we're communicating a little better

My biological dad and I are I don't know he seems to think I am the only one who can try in my relationship with my sister I mean I do understand her issues with me I mean when things went bad with my mom I got on a plane told them I would be back in a few weeks and never came back so now shes the only one left to take care of my Mom but I can't help it speaking of my mom I've been having nightmares about her lately and the other night I dreamed that she killed me and that everyone at my funeral were happy I was gone. I know I probably need to make an appointment with my therapist and maybe need to talk to my ned provider as well.

I went to my primary care Dr. and it was a mess his office called and said he needed to see me so I go and I want to talk to him anyway cause my hair is falling out in clumps and so I get there and hes confused why i'm there and figures I haven't seen the new diabetic Dr and is having his nurse call him to find out why then I had to stop him and then tell him his office called me to come in and I tell him about my hair and was like do you have a thyroid issue and he refilled my fibro meds and said i'll see you in 6 months so I guess when I see my Endo in July I'll ask him. I got my first vaccine last week so in a few I'll get my final one.


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