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city girl in a country world
by eyeore's twin
The Girl
Hey my name is Dominique Most of you know me as Nikki or Nique my world now calls me Domi I've been on and off Bloop since the beginning I'm 39 now call Kansas home and live in a group home I am a Christian and a Recovering addict and alcoholic I also am in recovery from PTSD Bipolar as well as a lot of different psych disorders. I also have severe diabetes and it really affects my day to day life.
17 entries
09/05/2021entry 18
06/18/2021entry 16
05/18/2021Entry 15
05/12/2021entry 14
05/11/2021entry 14
05/10/2021entry 13
05/06/2021entry 12
04/19/2021entry 11
03/17/2021entry 10
02/22/2021entry 09
02/20/2021entry 08
02/19/2021entry 08
02/17/2021entry 06
02/14/2021entry 04
01/25/2021Entry 03
01/05/2021entry 2
01/05/2021entry 1
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