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fart jokes are the best
by raen
I'm Canadian.

I keep changing this. Should I go with just your run of the mill stats? Should I ramble about nothing? How does one describe themselves without sounding narcissistic? And aren't we all a little bit in the first place? We live in the world of the selfie, and I'm super guilty of it. In fact, I have access to taking excellent ones with a fabulous camera, and I usually just use my phone. Oh well.

I stand by my statement: I'm Canadian. And I love it. I get my looks from my dad. He was a blue eyed ginger, with a ton of freckles. I'm the same, except with a few of my mom's looks. My colouring is all my dad...the rest is her, I guess. So I burn easily, and have mastered the stinkeye like a pro.

I have RBF. And I look young. I'm cynical in some aspects of life from working in retail most of my adult life. And I'm full of hope the other times.

Fart jokes are the best. I don't care who you are, farts are hilarious.