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Learn to love yourself
by raen

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Well...I exist


Well I'm alive. I'm doing mostly fine these days.


I've just sort of been swamped in the world of work of late. We have some pretty severe staffing issues on top of people going on vacation so I've sort of just coasted along in a zombie state. 


Finally got into Stranger Things because my roommate started watching it while I was in the room. LOL And then before I knew it, I was invested. 


Saw the new Barbie movie with my coworker Ian. We've sort of become movie friends and this was the second one we've gone to. It was shockingly good. We laughed so much. Turns out Ian is a big fan of Ryan Gosling. Who knew. The other movie we saw before that was Asteroid City. Kaitlin isn't a fan of Wes Anderson so Ian and I went and saw it. So good. Not as good as Barbie, though. Still can't get over that.


I'm fucking exhausted. 

previous entry: Cobra Chickens

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I didn't want to see Barbie until my boss did and came back to work ranting and raving about how good it was. She said don't see it with your husband. My husband isn't a sensitive male. He was brought up by his mother and sister. But a lot of women took their boyfriends/husbands and the movie helped them realized how toxic their man was. At least it is helping empower women to stop dating these toxic men!

[Greta GarbageStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I don't see why one wouldn't go with their husband/boyfriend/whatever. My coworker didn't have any issue going and seeing it. He thought it was fabulous. And you're not wrong; it does open up a lot of men and women's eyes to toxic behavior.

[raen|1 like] [|reply]

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