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Learn to love yourself
by raen

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November 23, 2023


Kaitlin and I are doing an advent calendar style Christmas this year. It's our first year trying it out. The idea is sound and we'll know if it works well and what needs to be improved upon after this comes to a close. 


There's a silent book club starting up in my city. The club meets up at a cafe/pub, has drinks, brings whatever book their reading, and decide if they're going to talk or not. So we just go to a public place and read our books with likeminded folk. My mom and I are going to go on one of the Wednesdays coming up. That'll be interesting. I almost want to bring smut to scandalize people, but book people don't get scandalized. Lol


The 60th anniversary of Doctor Who has begun. The first episode came out and is on Disney Plus for those who are Whovians. I haven't watched it yet. Probably will when I'm more awake. I worked until midnight last night and I always find that I'm super groggy the entire day following a long night. I wasn't made for nights. I was made for early mornings and solitary sunrises. 


I'm exhausted. It feels like I did eighty million squats while at work last night. My thighs are so upset about life. I look youthful and am not. People seem to take that less seriously when they can't physically see age. So silly. Of course, even if I were actually in my twenties, I'd still feel like shit. Yay chronic illness!!!

previous entry: October 28, 2023

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We do an advent calendar every year with our kids.

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