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Learn to love yourself
by raen

previous entry: February 20, 2023

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March 10, 2023


Trip to NYC is booked and paid for. Excited for that in April.


The last two months I've stopped snacking. From what I can tell I've lost at least ten pounds just from that. I think maybe a little more, but I haven't weighed myself since the Chris fiasco so it could be more. My pants definitely fit better. They'll be too big soon. I added some workouts into my routine this week. Since I already walk to and from work everyday, that's also helping. The whole not snacking and not eating fast food thing has really helped. Probably at this point I'm in a calorie deficit. Once I get to an ideal weight for me, I'll add back healthy calories to compensate for my activity. I've been in weight loss mode (accidentally if I'm honest) and once I get where I want to, I'll focus on msucle building  and keeping my calorie intake at a healthy range with yummy foods. 


Since this is the first time I'm actually doing this in a successful manner, one would assume it's because I'm not eating junk. Chris has always had shitty eating habits and I definitely picked up some from him in the six years we were together. Since moving back in with one of my best friends, my eating habits were a little bit wonky from stress, but now I'm getting back on track. It'll also be a money saver for me. So that's nice. Less snacking, less spending. Hurrah! 


Since I just finished a workout, I'm off to shower and then make lunch. I'm doing a split shift today because everyone and their mom called in sick today except me and I'm a team player. Or rather....I'm one of the managers soooo. Lol Cheers!

previous entry: February 20, 2023

next entry: March 15, 2023

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I want to go to NYC in April. Spring in NYC is my favourite.
It is WILD what stopping snacking can do, I am down 10kgs from May last year simply from stopping snacking (and stopping drinking alcohol every single day).

[The RyanStar|0 likes] [|reply]

I've never been to NYC so I'm pretty excited to go. We planned the trip so that we can see the blossoms in Central
park. And you're not wrong about the snacking. I found it I just feel better in general as well from not snacking. Go us with the not snacking!

[raen|0 likes] [|reply]

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