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Learn to love yourself
by raen

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Cobra Chickens


Canada Geese are the real thing Canadians such, understand my bravery today in getting this shot of the two of them staring me down like I'm their next meal. They started hissing at me shortly after I got the shot. 



previous entry: A Canadian in NYC pt2

next entry: Well...I exist

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lol Egyptian geese are mean too! Once we were taking a walk on the golf course behind our old apartment during the pandemic and 1 started to follow us. All of a sudden, about 5 more flew across the pond and started to line up behind him and now we had 6 following us!!! More came but then we crossed the bridge and they decided that was as far as they were going. It was hilarious and terrifying at the same time lol

Another experience I had with 2 white geese when I was 17. My then boyfriend and I were walking down our street (we lived a few doors down from each other) to a friends of ours and we were crossing a street and around the corner was all these white geese. Never seen geese in our neighborhood before so we were like oh cool how adorable...NOPE! Two of them decided to run after us honking and one of them grabbed hold of my boyfriends pants and wouldn't let go lol He was basically dragging this big ass geese for like 50 or 60 feet before it gave up and let go and turned around and went back. We were hysterical laughing. Thankfully his pants were baggie because he had him by the butt literally!

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Geese are evil, temperamental creatures. They are fowl for a reason.

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