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fart jokes are the best
by raen

previous entry: May 17, 2022

June 2, 2022


Well....I lost my debit card last Saturday, and someone decided to use it and tap it everywhere. The bank has give me a new card and the money will be returned to me in the next week or so. But now I'm so paranoid I took the tap function off the card. This year is really doing a number on me. I also have to use a verbal password everytime I have to go into the bank, just for extra security. I've gone crazy. Simply crazy.


If I didn't have a handle on my mental health, I honestly think this year would have done me in. The amount of crap I've been handed so far for 2022 is out of this world. 


Oh, and I have an ocular migraine right now, so that's really nice. 

previous entry: May 17, 2022

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