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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

previous entry: 4. BloopPoints and BloopPlus.

5. The tabbed Entry Editor and uploading pictures.


This article explains the new tabbed Entry Editor, and how to upload pictures from your computer directly into your entry.

As you can see, the Entry Editor has undergone a makeover! There are now 5 tabs running along the top of the entry editor space.

Content is the one you'll see when typing your entry normally. This is where you actually type your entry, and add your layout in (unless you apply an Entry Header/Footer in Manage My Diary).

Privacy allows you to change the privacy settings for this particular entry - that is, who can view and comment it, and whether comments are private. The settings you select will override those set in the Entry Defaults in Manage My Diary.

Layout allows you to set formatting options for this particular entry - whether you have paragraphs and smileys on, and which visualisation you use. The settings you select will override those set in the Entry Defaults in Manage My Diary.

Pictures allows you to upload pictures to your diary! To get started, click the blue button that says 'Select Images (2MB max)'. This will open up a Browse window, so that you can choose which pictures to upload from your computer. Note that you can upload multiple images at once by holding down Ctrl and clicking on the images you want. Also, it's probably best to stay on the 'Pictures' tab until all images are uploaded - don't switch into the 'Content' tab while they're still uploading. If the blue button doesn't work, use the other Browse button beneath it. In this one, you can only upload one image at a time. Once your images are uploaded, they will appear in the white space under 'Pictures attached to this entry:' and there will be a red X on them. Click the red X if you wish to no longer upload the photo. When you publish your entry, the pictures you have uploaded will appear at the end of your entry in the order you uploaded them. Note that the URL of the picture will only work within your entry - it won't work on other sites, and that the pictures you upload will take up some of your total Bloop filespace.

Advanced allows you to set the permalink for this particular entry. To learn more about permalinks, go here.

Finally, if you wish to turn off the tabs, click on the 'Disable Tabs' button on the top right of the entry editor. Take note that this will only apply to your current session; if you publish or backup your entry and then come back to it, the tabs will return. Steve is working on fixing this so that it remembers your preferences.

If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

previous entry: 4. BloopPoints and BloopPlus.

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ok. so I don't know what to do or how to reach anyone on here for help.. so I'm just throwing this out there...

every time I try to add an entry I can't type in the subject box. I can only create a title and add pictures. The box for my content is faded into the background as if its not really there and clicking on it does nothing.

Help please!!! [Grace.Beyond.Measure] [reply]

for some weird reason i can't make an entry every time i try i can type a title but not type in the entry part..i made a entry with just a title and a picture in it but no words and i don't know whether its something to do with the site or if it just my laptop! please get back to me. Naomi [kiss of death] [reply]

Where do I go when I've forgotten my log in info??!! Helpp [reply] - Online Amoxicillin Brand Amoxil [reply]