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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

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Manage My Diary - Security & Privacy


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Security & Privacy

Today we are going to talk about Security and Privacy. There are many options in the Security & Privacy section of the Manage My Diary feature:

In today's lesson, we are going to go over: Diary Privacy, Friends & Block List, and Reader Passwords.

Diary Privacy

You have control over who sees your diary and who doesn't. If you click on the first link, "Diary Privacy", these are the options you get:

The options here are very self-explanatory but here is a small run-down:

"Deny access to users if I cannot access their diary": By choosing this feature your retricting diarists who have their diaries on Friends Only or private.

"Block potential stalkers": When a new diary is created, it takes some time for the system to "trust" that diary. By clicking the box for this feature, it blocks that diary until the system gains trust with that diary. This eliminates the potential of someone you know seeing your diary if you don't want them to see it.

"Users may only see their own comments": This only allows comments to be seen by you and the person who left the comment. The only downside to this is, you can't reply to the comment on your entry because you will be the only one who sees it.

"Users may request to view my diary": This feature is handy when you are on Friends Only. You can allow users to request to view your diary if you want to have your diary limited but still would like to make new friends.

"Allow users to see when I am online": If you don't want to show users you're online you can uncheck this box.

"Prevent search engines from indexing my diary": This stops search engine bots from caching your diary

"Allow people to see your Faves List": It's entirely possible to hide your faves list by unchecking this option.

"Hide Google Search": hides the Google Search box

"Show entry share buttons": (New Feature) hides the facebook and twitter share buttons on your entries. Note: only you can see and use these buttons.

"Edit Friends & Block List": This link takes you to your Friends and Block lists where you can delete or add people.

Reader Passwords

Let's say you would like for your friend, Sally, to read your diary. But Sally doesn't have a diary on Bloop. You have your privacy set to Members Only (Or maybe even Friends Only) so Sally can't read it unless she is an actual user. We have available an area in Security & Privacy called "Reader Passwords" where you can assign your friend, Sally, a password to be able to read your diary without having an account.

All you would do, is type the name and create a password. Some people have their diary set to members can access diary but have entries that are individually set to Friends Only. You can decide if your friend can read members or friend entries.

Once you're done, click "add reader". You can have multiple reader passwords set up. If you decide you no longer want Sally to have access to your diary, you can simply go back to Reader Passwords and click on delete. If Sally forgets her password, you can go in and get the password for her. No need to reset.

User Links

When you click on a diarist's name, it takes you automatically to their frontpage. But you can change that to take you to their latest entry by going to Manage My Diary ---> Security & Privacy ---> User Links.

If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

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