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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

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Manage My Diary - My Diary: Download My Diary, Permalinks, and Diary Calendar


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My Diary: Download My Diary, Permalinks, and Taskbar Options

Hello! Today we are going to go over a few more features in the My Diary section of Manage My Diary. The features are: Download My Diary, Permalinks, and Taskbar Options. This should be a fairly easy and fast lesson!

First up, Download My Diary!

Download My Diary

You have the option to download your diary at any time. We highly recommend you do that as a backup from time to time.

This is pretty simple. In Manage My Diary, under My Diary click on "Download My Diary" and you get the following screen:

As you can see, when you open Download My Diary all options available is checked off. If you are satisfied with these choices all you do is click the button on top "Download" and it downloads everything into a zip file. You can uncheck anything you don't want to download, like comments or frontpage, for example.


What is a permalink? Every website has a URL. Ours is But how do we decipher between each diary? By giving that diary it's own url. So when you are on BloopDiaryBasic's frontpage and you look at the url, you will see this:

The permalink is the "/bloopdiarybasics" part of the URL. Let's say we decide to change this diary's name to Bloopers Guide to All Things Bloop. The permalink would still remain bloopdiarybasics. But we want our permalink to match our new diary name so it's easier to find us. What do we do?

We go to Manage My Diary to My Diary and click "Change Permalink". This is what the screen looks like:

You see the url is not editable but "bloopdiarybasics" is in a box and ready to edit. I can edit this to say anything I want. You can use multiple words but you cannot put any spaces in between words. If you do and press "Change" you will get a red highlighted error code that says "Permalink name is invalid".

My Diary Calendar

My Diary Calendar is a different way of viewing your entries. The calendar looks like this:

As you can see, links show up on dates that entries were written on. You can click the link to go to that entry. You can click on previous months to view the entries you wrote for that month and as far back as the very first entry you've ever written. For me, on this diary, you will notice that all the months prior to October is greyed out. That's because I have no entries those months. My first entry was October 3rd. Next month that will change and October will be available to go back to should I need to look for a particular entry.
If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

previous entry: Manage My Diary - My Diary: Frontpage and the Visualisation Options

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