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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

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Manage My Diary - My Diary: Frontpage and the Visualisation Options


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Manage My Diary - Explained

Hello, and welcome to another segment of BloopDiaryBasics. Today we are going to start exploring a nifty feature called "Manage My Diary". This is where all the magic happens, folks! It's the nerve center of your diary. There are many different components to Manage My Diary and we will go through all of them together.

You can find Manage My Diary in your taskbar or on the mainpage on the right hand side in the list of options under your name.

The main catagories are:

My Diary
File Management
Security and Privacy
My Profile
My Account

In each catagory there are different related options to go through and you will revisit this feature many times for many reasons throughout your experience here at Bloop. It's pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it! Today we are going to go through 4 links in the My Diary section: My Frontpage, My Visualisation, Create new visualisation, and Edit Visualisation.

Here we go!

My Frontpage

In Manage My Diary you are automatically taken to "My Diary". There are 11 options in this catagory. Today we will tackle 3 options. The first option we're going to go over is "My Frontpage". It brings you to your Edit Frontpage editor where you can change the title of the diary and write a little blurb about yourself to let readers know who you are. You can post pictures, you can write a poem, it's up to you!

My Visualisation

If you click on "My Visualisation" it brings you to the Visualisation Editor. You can choose your colors, fonts, and sizes based on your taste all while instantaneously previewing them. Meaning, every time you choose a new option it automatically shows in the editor so you can see how it would look. Don't worry! It's just a preview!

So if you don't like the choices you've made, you can change them. Once you press save it saves to your diary and your frontpage and entries change to those choices.

Here is what the Visualisation Editor looks like:

The options on your left control the color, font, and size of the body of your frontpage or entry. To use the background entry, you have to upload your background and paste the link into the box. You even have control over what color your hyperlinks are!

The options on the right in the "Entries" area controls how your entry list looks. As you play around with the many different colors and fonts and sizes you will be able to see how well your choices match up to the choices you made for the body of the frontpage.

Then you have the "outer Frame" on the far right and the top you can choose what color the top of the page where your name resides looks on your diary/frontpage.

Once you are satisfied with your choices, press save on the bottom left hand corner and your choices go live!

Create New Visualisation

Let's say you get tired of your current visualisation but you don't want to completely get rid of it, you'd just like to use a different theme for a while. Click on "Create new visualisation" and it will ask you to name your new visualisation. You can create multiple visualisations so naming them will help keep track of them.

Once you name your new visualisation, click on create. The Visualisation Editor will appear and you can choose your new visualisation and save. Once you save, your diary will change to this new visualisation. You can always switch back later.

Edit a Visualisation

Now that you have a few different visualisations you can click on Edit a Visualisation and choose which one you would like to edit and use. Just click the one you want to get to editing!

If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

previous entry: The Taskbar Explained

next entry: Manage My Diary - My Diary: Download My Diary, Permalinks, and Diary Calendar

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