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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

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The Main Page Explained


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The Main Page Explained

Welcome to BloopDiaryBasics, where everything Bloopdiary is explained! Let's talk about the main page, shall we? It is the first thing we see when we come to!

#1: Top Buttons and What They Do

On the top left you see five round icons. They are shortcuts to 5 components of Bloop:

- the pen icon (first icon) it takes you to Compose Entry.
- the envelope with a pen icon takes you to compose a private message
- the envelope icon takes you to your inbox
- the journal icon takes you to your diary
- the star icon takes you to your favorites

#2: Recent Entries

The list of entries recently written by other Bloopers is at the far left page. Yellow highlighted entries are new diaries being updated for the first time. It shows the last 15 entries written and then there is a link below that you can click called "Read more recent entries" to open the list for more entries. Also a link is below that one if you want to hide profile icons.

#3: Group Diaries You Might Like to Read

This area in the middle of the page highlights special diaries that may be important. This diary, Theme of the Week, Team Bloop, and BloopSecrets are listed in this area. There is also a link for you to click to suggest otehr diaries you feel may be important to include.

BloopDiaryBasics is our BloopDiary Guide.

Theme of the Week gives you weekly prompts to help you write using prompts that Bloopers submit.

Team Bloop is our news source where we announce new features, weekly live Bloop Staff meetings, and generally update you to any bugs or fixes being worked on. We strongly suggest favoriting this diary to keep up with what's going on around Bloop!

BloopSecrets is BloopDiary's own version of Post Secrets. Bloopers can message this diary and submit their darkest secrets. Posters are anonymous, of course!

#4: Recent Forum Posts

This section lists recent posts made in the Discussion Forums. They are listed by catagory then thread. This way you can see there has been activity on the forums and you can go see what we have going on over there! Discussion Forums will be explained in a later entry.

#5: New Diaries You Might Like to Read

In addition to highlighting the entries of new Diarists, we have provided a spot to highlight them on the main page to help them gain some readers. We encourage everyone to greet new diarists and make them feel welcome as part of the BloopDiary community!

#6: Personal Dashboard

On the right of the page is your personal dashboard. You see the name of your diary and three options below your name: logout, switch, lock. Switch lets you move between multiple diaries (this will be explained in more depth in its own entry later). Lock lets you lock your diary if you need to step away but doesn't fully log you out. You just pop your password back in and you are back where you started from.

Then you have a box called "My Bloop" which gives you your stats:

Updated Favorites, New Comments, New Messages, Favorites Online

It's helpful to know if you have any new entries from your favorites to read, how many new comments made on your entries, if anyone messaged you, and see if any of your favorites are currently online.

Then you have the list of the things you can do: Compose New Entry, Send Message, My Diary, My Comments, My Sent Comments, My User Profile, My Favorites, and Manage My Diary.

Under this list is a box for Bloop Staff so you know who does what.

#7: Search Box

If you are looking for a specific diary, you can use the search box on the top, in the middle. You can put in the full name or partial and it gives you the list of diaries with that word in it. You can also use the magnifying glass in the top right corner to search.

#8: Alerts

Next to the magnifying glass on the top right of the page is a black bell. This is your alerts. It will have a red circle with a white number above it when you have a new comment, message, or favorite updating. If you click it, a pop-down menu appears and shows you what the alert is and how many you have waiting for you. These two icons show everywhere you go on Bloop.

Take some time to explore the main page and visit every area covered in this entry. Familiarize yourself so you can navigate easily through Bloop! If you get lost, look for BloopDiaryBasics on the main page to help you on your way!

If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

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