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The newbie's guide to using Bloop
by BloopDiaryBasics

next entry: 2. Diary switching.

1. 'Manage my diary' overview.


This entry is for information on all the features in Manage My Diary.

The manage my diary link is located on the right side menu just above the search bar.

At the top left, you can see your display picture, your account name and your signature.

Along the top, you'll see a number of tabs: My Diary, My Profile, Entries, Comments, Browsing, Privacy, Subscriptions, My Homepage and My Account.

Quick links: My Diary - My Profile - Entries - Comments - Browsing - Privacy - Subscriptions - My Homepage - My Account


1. My Diary

My frontpage allows you to edit your frontpage, and is useful for when you accidentally mess up your frontpage and you've lost the 'edit my frontpage' link.

My visualisation allows you to view change the current settings you have in place for the basic colours and fonts of your diary. You don't need to use any HTML or CSS here. This visualisation is usually called My Visual.

Download my diary is a very useful link. You should use this link regularly, because it saves your diary onto your hard drive, and minimises any losses due to Bloop crashes or bugs. At the moment, you have the ability to download your frontpage, entries, comments and sent comments. Tick the components you wish to download, then click 'Download' in the top left. A .zip file will be downloaded onto your computer. To access it, double-click it and select the extraction destination. It will create a folder with your account name. Open up this folder; the first item should be named '__loadme.htm'. Double-click on this item to load your frontpage and to then have access to all your entries, comments, and sent comments (if you chose to download them).

Change permalink allows you to change the URL for your diary, so that it reads Visit this link for more information.

Who's viewed my diary? is a BloopXtra feature. It lets you see who has viewed your entries, and lets you visit their diaries.

My diary calendar takes you to a page where you can browse your entries by year and month.

Change switching options allows you to set up multiple diary accounts so that you can switch easily between them. Click here to learn more.

IP security options allows you to set a level of security on your Bloop account. Choose a lower level if you are the only person who uses your computer; choose a higher level if you access your account on a shared computer. The default level (level 2) works best for most people.

Taskbar options allows you to specify whether you want the taskbar visible, and whether you want it to stay at the top of the page or remain on screen.

File manager allows you to upload files and delete uploaded files, shows you the files you have uploaded, and shows you how much remaining space you have. To get more space, upgrade to Xtra.

Upload file allows you to upload files to your diary space. To get more space, upgrade to Xtra.

Setup FTP allows you to set up an FTP client. Just enter a password and follow the instructions for setting up your FTP.

Manage favourites allows you to sort and delete your favourites, and mark them as read or unread. Marking them as read means that they no longer show up as updated in your Favourites list, until the next time they update.

My favourites will take you to your favourites list.

Whose faves list am I on? will allow you to see all the people who have added you as a favourite. This is not a complete list, however, as some people choose to hide their favourites list (under diary privacy).

The links under the Visualisations heading allow you to create a new visualisation (in addition to the one in the My visualisation link above), edit your current visualisation, delete a visualisation (this option doesn't work if you only have one visualisation!), and choose a visualisation (if you've created more than one) for your frontpage, to suit your layout.

Link to us & help Bloop grow! provides you with buttons you can use anywhere on the web to link back to Bloop.

Register a new diary account lets you create a new Bloop account.  

2. My Profile

Edit my profile allows you to change how your profile looks and its content, and you can use HTML and CSS to do so.

Edit contact details allows you to change your e-mail address, MSN account and AIM account. This information shows up in the left hand panel in your User Profile.

Edit interests lets you change your interests. Follow the instructions on that page carefully. This information shows up in the left hand panel in your User Profile.

Add or change photo allows you to upload an image that will be displayed in your user profile, in the Manage My Diary area, in the Recent Entries List on the Bloop main page, and anywhere else display pics are used.

You can remove your display picture by clicking the 'Remove existing photo' link underneath – but be warned that it doesn't ask you again to make sure if you want to delete it. If you've uploaded, changed or removed your image, but it doesn't show up properly, just refresh the page.

Select photo from photo album allows you to choose your display pic from any images you have already uploaded onto your Bloop account. It also allows you to sort images into Album categories. You can view your album and create a new album as well.  

3. Entries

Entry Manager allows you to easily change the privacy and comment settings of all (or many of) your entries at once. It also allows you to delete multiple entries at once.

Search entry is a great feature available only to Xtra subscribers. A search box comes up, in which you type the word or phrase you're looking for. When the search is complete, a list of entries containing the phrase shows up, as well as the surrounding paragraph or so of text. It saves you having to sift through all of your entries to find something.

Entry Defaults allows you to change the privacy and comment settings of all future entries you create, which visualisation they use, and whether smileys and autoparagraph are turned on or off.

Edit entry template will bring up a page where you can save HTML codes or whatever you want, that will appear in the text box when you go to create a new entry.

Edit entry header is a great feature. If you want to put something at the top of your entry, in EVERY entry, that's easy to change, this is where you would put it. It will show up at the top of all the entries you've made in the past and any future entries.

Edit entry footer is the same as edit entry header, only what you put in the footer will show up at the bottom of all your entries.  


Comment template allows you to add a template to your comment, which will always be there when you leave a comment (such as a signature or comment layout). You can choose to have the template show up in the comment box, or to not show up but to be applied when the comment is saved.

Comment star is a feature available only to Xtra users. It allows you to select a little pixel image, or 'star', that appears next to your diary name whenever you leave comments.  

5. Browsing

Filtering options allows you to control which entries you see on the main page, in terms of the age of the diarist posting them. For example, if you select '18 years', then you will see entries written only by diarists who have their age as 18 years or older.

User links allows you to specify whether you want to visit a diarist's frontpage or their latest entry when you click on their diary name in a comment.

Viewing options controls the 'safety' of the pages you can view, by filtering out certain sites that we know have harmful content that diarists unknowingly use in their diary. It is recommended that you keep the 'Filter untrusted domains' ticked.

IP security options allows you to set a level of IP security. If you don't want any IP security, untick the box. Otherwise, select the level of security. Select a lower level if you're the only person who uses your computer. Select a higher level if you use a shared computer.  

6. Privacy

The first line, in bold text, shows your IP address. This is an important piece of information, especially if you have an issue regarding diary privacy.

Diary privacy is where you can set who is allowed to view your diary, and what these users can see when at your diary. Selecting Public means that anyone from anywhere can see your diary even if they don't have a Bloop account. Selecting Members means that your diary can be viewed by anyone signed into their Bloop account, but not by anyone outside of Bloop. Selecting Friends means that only a select number of people can view your diary. You can change this under Edit Friends & Block List. Selecting Private means that only you can see your diary.

Ticking 'Deny access to users if I cannot access their diary' means that if anyone whose diary you cannot view tries to view you, they will be unable to do so. An example of this is when a Friends Only diary tries to view your diary, when you are not on their Friends list. Unticking this option means that they will be able to view your diary even though you cannot view theirs.

Ticking 'Block potential stalkers' means that any new accounts which have not yet gained 'trust' with the system (e.g. by writing entries and comments and viewing other pages) will be unable to view your diary.

Ticking 'Users may only see their own comments' means that any comments posted at your diary can only be viewed by you and by the person who posted them, even if they're unprivatised. Untick this option to allow all (unprivatised) comments to be read by everyone who can view your diary.

If you're on Friends Only, you can tick the 'Users may request to view my diary' option if you're willing to let people who ask to view your diary see it. When a diarist goes to your diary, they will see a "Request to View" button, which they can click if they want to be allowed to see your diary. You will receive a message in your inbox saying that they want to view your diary, and you can click the link in the message to add them to your Friends list.

Ticking the 'Allow users to see when I am online' option means that on various of pages of Bloop where your diary name is displayed (e.g. on your frontpage, on others' faves lists), [online now] will show up next to your diary name. Untick this option to disable the [online now] text.

Ticking 'Prevent search engines from indexing my diary' will prevent your diary from showing up in search engine results.

Ticking 'Allow people to see my faves list' means that everyone on your Favourites list will be able to see that you have added them, by clicking Whose faves list am I on?.

Ticking 'Hide Google search' will remove the Google search bar that appears under the Bloop search bar at the bottom of the right-hand menu.

The 'Hide advertisements' option is available only to Xtra users. If you are not subscribed to Xtra, this option will be disabled.

Friends & block list is where you can specify the people who are allowed to see your diary. If you are Friends Only, this is where you create the list of people who can view your diary. To add a diary to your Friends list, search for their name and click FRIEND. Alternatively, if there is a diarist you want to block, search for their name and then click BLOCK.

IP block list allows you to block diarists based on their IP address. This is to ensure that users who create multiple accounts to view someone's diary are still unable to view. To IP block a user, you will need to obtain their IP address. This can be achieved by raising a ticket to staff, stating the diary name of the person you wish to IP block, along with a good reason as to why you wish to IP block them.

Change switching options allows you to add diaries to your switch list. By adding diaries to this list, you are granting them switching access into your diary. This feature is generally intended for those who hold multiple Bloop accounts and who wish to switch easily between them, without having to log in and out.

Block a user will take you to the Friends & block list page.

Report a user will take you to the page where you can raise a support ticket to inform the staff of a person who is breaking the User Agreement.  

7. Subscriptions

Features comparison list allows you to directly compare the range of features available between the three types of Bloop accounts - normal (free), Plus and Xtra. BloopPlus offers more than the normal account, and points are required to subscribe to it. BloopXtra, however, offers the most features, for a small price.

Subscribe to BloopXtra allows you to purchase BloopXtra. You can pay via credit card, paypal, or by cheque/money order.

Subscribe to BloopPlus allows you to "purchase" BloopPlus using your BloopPoints.

My BloopPoints balance lets you see the number of BloopPlus points you have (e.g. from winning trivia and commenting first entries). You can use these points to purchase BloopPlus.

Give a gift subscription allows you to purchase Xtra as a gift for a friend. =) When the transaction is complete, the BloopXtra will be added to their account. If they already have Xtra, then it will be added to their existing Xtra time.

Recommend a friend allows you to send an email to a friend, recommending Bloop to them. Just type in their email address and click 'Recommend'. Recommending friends can earn you BloopPlus points.

My diary subscriptions lets you specify whether you receive BloopNews messages in your inbox. Untick the box to prevent messages from being sent.  

8. My Homepage

Go to My Homepage takes you to your homepage, a page where you can see useful Bloop information (your new comments, messages, updated faves and online faves) and links (frontpage, new entry, manage my diary, main page). Clicking Edit Links at the top left of the page allows you to add your favourite links to this page. Once added, you can change the order of and remove your links. At the bottom right, you'll notice a Manage My Homepage link. Manage My Homepage allows you to view your homepage, set it to your browser's home page, and also links to manage my diary. It also allows you to create new groups of links, so that you can sort your favourite links into categories of your choice.  

9. My Account

Edit my details allows you to view and change the basic and important details of your account - your diary signature, e-mail address, location, gender, birthdate and preferred date format. Once you've entered your information, you must enter your current password, and then click 'Change' in the top left. If you've changed your e-mail address, a confirmation e-mail will be sent there, to allow you to confirm the address.

Change my password will take you to the page where you can, obviously, change your password. You will need your old password to do this.

IP security options (also appearing in the Browsing tab) allows you to set a level of IP security. If you don't want any IP security, untick the box. Otherwise, select the level of security. Select a lower level if you're the only person who uses your computer. Select a higher level if you use a shared computer.

Email alerts allows you to specify whether you receive an e-mail whenever someone comments or messages you. E-mails will be sent to the address you entered in your Account Details.

Time zone will allow you to set your Bloop time to your local time. Once you change it, all times across Bloop will appear in your local time (e.g. the message at the very very very bottom of every Bloop page).

Delete my account will, obviously, delete your diary. You will need your password to do this.
If you have a query or a problem with your diary, please do not message or comment this diary. Instead, use the 'support' link at the top of the page.

next entry: 2. Diary switching.

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i didnt need that comment
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I am unable to download my diary. When I click the link, it brings up the page to select options, but when I click "download" it just brings up a half page of random characters. I tried using the newest versions of Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. This has been occurring for a long time. [.erodium.] [reply]

How do you upload an icon? [Suesan] [reply]

next entry: 2. Diary switching.