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In Mourning: Princess had passed away
by charity.funds
Masteries person
Noy. 100% Laoation. Asian: American born. 35yrs.old. CANCER. College. SINGLE. freelance blogger and web designer. loves photography and arts. PC .LU lover.ADORIUM. TCG. LIVEJOURNAL.

About the Ball
Your Host: Noy
Layout by: Me
Version: 2 - The Tower of Pisa
Theme: In Mourning: Princess had passed away
Sponser by: Bloop Diary
Program Used: Adobe PS CS6


Fundraiser Goal: MUST

Pay off JC Penny CC

List of Fundraiser Goal
  • Pay off Credit Cards Debt
  • Buy a Desktop with two monitors for my shop
  • Build a House
  • New Stuff for my rooms
Retirement: $1,400.00
Rainy Day: $0.00
Bad Spending (Pre-Amex): $0.00
Current Credit Card Balances
  • Piercing Pagoda: $415.65
  • Kay Jewelers: $308.06 CLOSED
  • Amazon Chase: $395.29
  • Amazon Store Card: $355.09 CLOSED
  • Credit one: $639.00
  • JC Penny Card: $1891.26
  • Macy Card: $776.96
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