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In Mourning
by charity.funds

previous entry: MIA: Reason Why and continue my MIA

Financial Update


Still processing everything
I know I have been MIA for almost a year, but the passing of my father, sister, and family member have hit so...hard that I wasn't able to clear up a fogged in my brain, and I just need sometime to grieve because I haven't completely grieve to be in a place to say okay. Yesterday, I check bloop and my frontpage was gone I was like "WHAT!?" So I quickly try to recreate how it was looking before it disappeared. I hope I wasn't the only one that their front page was gone. Also, I want to join a fitness virtual challenge, but I need to budget for it. I am weighing my options and I have add it to my little section called Budget for it. Do you guys think it is a good idea?
Financial Update:
Well, I suck have saving and my bank account is gone. I have try the cash envelope system and that is a failure for me. At first, I was okay with it and now I am thinking, "This is not working for me." What is working for me is me hiding all my credit cards and forgetting that I have them. Also, deleting my credit cards from PayPal, PayPal make it easy to pay for things. So, I had to used my amazon chase card for emergency reason, but I will pay back when I get my next paycheck. I am starting to feel overwhelm and I need to find another job. I can't seem to find one that will fit my schedule, the only time I can work the weekends, some morning for 6 am - 11 am and late night like midnight - 2 am, but some days I have to take my uncle to his doctor appointments (this is my main job). If I take a regulars job I would be afraid of being fired from it for taking time off a lot to take care of my uncle. I need to figure out what type of jobs can fit my schedule because right now I need another paycheck to help me budget and save for my student loan. Also, if your thinking what about your Esty shop? I am not ready to reopen or prepare for a reopening on my shop. I just think to get things ready for it first. Here is an update on what subscription and credit card that I have (so far).
  1. IPSY
  2. Boxycharm
  3. Scentbird (3 month skip)
  4. Disney+
  5. Twitch
  6. Patreon
  7. Chegg (will cancel after I finish my current class)
Current Credit Card Balances
  1. Piercing Pagoda: $349.15
  2. Kay Jewelers: $308.06 CLOSED
  3. Amazon Chase: $465.22
  4. Amazon Store Card: $355.09 CLOSED
  5. Credit one: $676.57
  6. JC Penny Card: $1,738.44
  7. Macy Card: $697.84

Fundraiser Goal
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
Save for student loans
Budget for it: Daily
  • Pet food - $40.00

Budget for it
  • The Conqueror app - $29.95 each challenges
  • The Pacer app - $29.99 each challenges
  • Walmart + - $12.95
  • Costco membership renewal

  • SAVE!! money
  • SAVE!! For student loan
  • Pay off credit cards debts
Wants (Rewards)
  • Books (no spend for 4 months)
  • Zac Posen Delta Airlines Passport Plum Handbag (ALL credit cards paid off)
  • COACH Rowan Satchel Handbag (ALL debt must be paid off & do all the needs)

Reality Life
These are my website.

Tears You Cry (fanlisting) Color Fade (????)

My Bloop Diaries
masquerade (personal) Colorlover (css code) Penpal
Coming soon/ Hitaus
Tutorial (will be Html) Test Diary(soon:Layout diary??) scavenger.hunts (coming back soon!)
Come and join @ scavenger.hunts
Color Lover Project Service

previous entry: MIA: Reason Why and continue my MIA

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