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In Mourning: Princess had passed away
by charity.funds

previous entry: I am going to try to keep this short

MIA: Reason Why and continue my MIA


MIA: Reason Why
I have been dealing with family problem and trying to make sense of my grieving process. But then just recently my sister passed away. So I am in a down hill straight into a secret depression, so let me just update you what money changes I have made and signing off, later.

  1. IPSY
  2. Boxycharm
  3. Scentbird
  4. Disney+
  5. Twitch
  6. Patreon
Current Credit Card Balances
  1. Piercing Pagoda: $655.55
  2. Kay Jewelers: $308.06 CLOSED
  3. Amazon Chase: $692.11
  4. Amazon Store Card: $355.09 CLOSED
  5. Credit one: $639.00
  6. JC Penny Card: $2,277.66
  7. Macy Card: $945.76

Fundraiser Goal
$212.03 for Winter 2019 Tuition
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
A New Laptop or Desktop
Bank: $ 10
Retirement: $0.00
Rainy Day: $0.00
Bad Spending (Pre-Amex): $0.00

  • Pay Winter 2019 Tuition
  • SAVE!! money
  • Pay Internet Bill PAID
  • Pay Car Bill PAID
  • Apple computer
  • My Passport Hard Drive (with a lot of memory)
  • Retirement account
  • Rainy Day account
  • Selena Gomez x Coach - Grace Bag
Reality Life
These are my website.

Tears You Cry (fanlisting) Color Fade (????)

My Bloop Diaries
masquerade (personal) Colorlover (css code) Penpal
Coming soon/ Hitaus
Tutorial (will be Html) Test Diary(soon:Layout diary??) scavenger.hunts (coming back soon!)
Come and join @ scavenger.hunts
Color Lover Project Service

previous entry: I am going to try to keep this short

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Sorry for your loss!

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