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In Mourning
by charity.funds

previous entry: Little by little I am trying to get back to reality

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My Credit Card Debt and Plans for them


So Close
I am So...... close to paying off the car payment. I just need to deposit my paycheck, call the loan company up, pay it off, and I am DONE!!. Thank God it would have been almost 2 years on this loan. After paying off the car I need to switch my focus on my Credit Cards Debt. Oh and I have change my goal on getting a laptop because I would to do some else that I don't know yet. My problem is I think too fast and I forget to write it down. I know to work on holding on to it and then write it down really quickly. Aha...that is my minds, I have a lots on it. If you are wondering about how am I dealing with my grieving not good because I have not yet started, I don't know when will start the processes. So, instead of waiting for it to process I will (try to) keep busy. That mean I might be changing the color and image on my diary layout soon.
My Credit Card Debt and Plans for them
Okay, hear me out, my plan for some of my credit are (maybe or maybe not):
  1. Piercing Pagoda (Will pay off and Closed account)
  2. Kay Jewelers (Will pay off and Closed account)
  3. Amazon Chase & Store Card (Keep as business cards)
  4. Credit one (Keep as business cards)
  5. JC Penny & Macy Card (I don't know, still thinking)
Between all of my cards, I will be closing 2 cards. Not Bad. Right? I still have to pay off the 5 card to pay for and I will come back and rethink what to do with my others cards and the ones I decided to keep. Because I still want to get my debt down, but to a manageable place. I am going to face the face, I will have times that I slip up and spend money. Like yesterday I bought a Kikki K personal size planner. No body perfect, so rather restraining myself for my spending I should have some wiggle room. I can't go like, "NO!! I CAN'T SPEND" it make me sad, if I am like that. This is how much I need to pay them off.
  • Piercing Pagoda: $161.00 (will pay-off this month )
  • Kay Jewelers: $ 308.06 (will pay-off next month )
  • Amazon Chase: $692.11
  • Amazon Store Card: $444.09
  • Credit one: $172.05 (will pay-off next month )
  • JC Penny Card: $1416.04
  • Macy Card: $945.76
So after I pay-off my Amazon Chase card, I rethink whether to keep the card or not, or use it as an emergency spending (like gas, bills, & others), but I know for a fact I will need one these card as my emergency pay for college tuition. I am hoping for Macy card for that, but I am still not (even close) to paying it off. Let me think about it.
Fundraiser Goal
$697.65 for Winter 2020 Tuition
Pay off Car Pmt
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
A New Laptop or Desktop
Bank: (Bal.) $ 670.63   (Avail.Bal.) $420.63
Retirement: $1,400.00
Rainy Day: $0.00
Bad Spending (Pre-Amex): $0.00

  • Pay Winter 2020 Tuition
  • SAVE!! money
  • Pay Internet Bill PAID
  • Pay Car Bill PAID

  • Apple computer
  • My Passport Hard Drive (with a lot of memory)
  • Retirement account
  • Rainy Day account
  • Selena Gomez x Coach - Bond Bag

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previous entry: Little by little I am trying to get back to reality

next entry: I made a mistaken but the plan have not change

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I understand paying cards off and wanting to close them, but sometimes that hurts your credit score. Sometimes it's better to just pay them off and let them sit, because they can see that you have that available credit, but aren't using it. If your credit score is good, it might not be a big factor when you close them.

Either way, good luck with your financial goals!

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