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In Mourning
by charity.funds

previous entry: I made a mistaken but the plan have not change

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I am going to try to keep this short


MIA UPDATE: Where have I been? I am going to try to keep this short. I am sorry that I didn't update my diary, but I have been truly busy with family, school, and dealing with a grieving problem. With all this trying to not be stressed out or burnt out, but that is hard to do because there are days that i want to just feel and not feel stress. Fundraiser Goal Update I have paid off one of my credit card account that is the Kay Jewelers because I took a long thought about it and thought when will I get to used it again? Well, not until I have a guy in my life and the only guys in my life is my dad cats. I am not a big jewelry fan, when I was like 6 year old, now I have to to add another goal in mind that is my college graduation and paying & closing off another jewelry account that is Piercing Pagoda. I am almost at an amount to do that and I could almost see it coming soon. Now for my other cards, JC Penny closed my account, but I am still paying the balance on it until it is paid off. My Macy card, I really want to closed this account although it is an american express card (I am still pondering it.) On the others I am going to keep, but only it for either school or business. that is all I am going to go study because I have a business calculus exam next week. I dislike test or exam, it stress me out.

Fundraiser Goal $732.20 for Spring 2020 Tuition
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
A New Laptop or Desktop
Current Credit Card Balances Piercing Pagoda: $655.55 Kay Jewelers: $308.06 Amazon Chase: $620.03 Amazon Store Card: $355.09 Credit one: $584.76 JC Penny Card: $2,181.49 Macy Card: $932.03 My Bank Card: $153.63

Needs Pay Spring 2020 Tuition SAVE!! money Pay Internet Bill PAID Pay Winter 2020 Tuition PAID Wants Apple computer My Passport Hard Drive (with a lot of memory) Retirement account Rainy Day account Selena Gomez x Coach - Bond Bag Reality LifeThese are my website.

Tears You Cry (fanlisting) Color Fade (????)
My Bloop Diaries masquerade (personal) Colorlover (css code) Penpal Coming soon/ Hitaus Tutorial (will be Html) Test Diary(soon:Layout diary??) scavenger.hunts (coming back soon!) Come and join @ scavenger.hunts Credit Color Lover Project Service

previous entry: I made a mistaken but the plan have not change

next entry: MIA: Reason Why and continue my MIA

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