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In Mourning
by charity.funds

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Little by little I am trying to get back to reality


Little by little I am trying to get back to reality since my father passing. I am determine to finish paying off the car next month. It will ease me a little bit from the stress of debt. My thought is after I pay off the car, I can start my focus on the paying off my credit cards and maybe start a rainy day funds. My mom have decided to put me on her mutual fund account, that used to be my dad and her account. So, that mean that I don't think I need to start a mutual/retirement account? It just been a struggle trying to move the account over to the new account, more than changing the name on titles.
Just Realized
I am paying car payments for a car that does not work any more. It need a new engine. The engine cost between $2,000 and up, I can't afford that. What am I suppose to do with the car now? I have only drove the car 3 times the rest of the time my mom drove the car. What am I suppose to do my mom does know. I have given different option to her because her name is on the title too. I offer her to sell it to the junk yard for some money or tow it to a scrap yard, but she kept saying "no, I don't think so." I told her that "the car does work, if does work then we need to pay for a ne engine, when I finish paying off for the car we have a no work car, what are suppose to do with a car that doesn't work?" So now, we are at stand still with the car and the ball is in my mom corner. Also, she keep saying to sale my dad's car, but how are we suppose to sale the car when the car I am paying monthly for doesn't work? Still somethings need to figure out.
Fundraiser Goal
$697.65 for Winter 2020 Tuition
Pay off Car Pmt
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
A New Laptop or Desktop
Bank: (Bal.) $ 670.63   (Avail.Bal.) $420.63
Retirement: $1,400.00
Rainy Day: $0.00
Bad Spending (Pre-Amex): $0.00

  • Pay Winter 2020 Tuition
  • SAVE!! money
  • Pay Internet Bill PAID
  • Pay Car Bill PAID
  • Apple computer
  • My Passport Hard Drive (with a lot of memory)
  • Retirement account
  • Rainy Day account
  • Selena Gomez x Coach - Bond Bag
Reality Life
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previous entry: The King had fallen

next entry: My Credit Card Debt and Plans for them

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