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In Mourning
by charity.funds

next entry: Where to vent my feeling?

The Start of my old self


Hello Everyone
I have decided to start a diary because.....well I am (REALLY) terrible with money and budgeting it. The strange thing is when I was younger in my teens I was really good with money and budgeting it too. So now that I am in my early 30's, I would like to regain my budget savvy ables again. I would like to do 3 or 4 things: one - pay for my tuition each quarters until I graduate. two - get rid of my credit cards debt. three - SAVE!!! up money for either a rainy day or emergency funds (, dear lord I do need to do this). four - save money for other TLC stuff for me like well need vacation without family. So anyways, this diary will (try) to help me keep account on my thoughts on what I spend my money on and reaching my goals. I am also thinking about converting this diary to a website it. I don't know, maybe I think my trouble is being indecisive and trying things. I just got to stop and start deciding one thing. I got to do that. Okay I will start now! today! I will.....(oh fudge...enough!) this will be where I do my budget updates. Okay ... Great start right?? 🙄 This going to be tough me.


Reminder for me: Add money to the: bills and bank card
Fundraiser Goal
$212.03 for Winter 2019 Tuition
Pay off Credit Cards Debt
A New Laptop or Desktop

Bank: $ 10
Retirement: $0.00
Rainy Day: $0.00
Bad Spending (Pre-Amex): $0.00

  • Pay Winter 2019 Tuition
  • SAVE!! money
  • Pay Internet Bill PAID
  • Pay Car Bill PAID
  • Apple computer
  • My Passport Hard Drive (with a lot of memory)
  • Retirement account
  • Rainy Day account
  • Selena Gomez x Coach - Grace Bag
Reality Life
These are my website.

Tears You Cry (fanlisting) Color Fade (????)

My Bloop Diaries
masquerade (personal) Colorlover (css code) Penpal
Coming soon/ Hitaus
Tutorial (will be Html) Test Diary(soon:Layout diary??) scavenger.hunts (coming back soon!)
Come and join @ scavenger.hunts
Color Lover Project Service

next entry: Where to vent my feeling?

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Good luck!

[raen|0 likes] [|reply]

Good for you, taking charge of your finances! It's tough to set restrictions on yourself, but it's so worth it. I don't know if you've heard of Dave Ramsey or not, but his Total Money Makeover book has a lot of practical advice as well as motivating stories to help you along. Most libraries have it. Anyway, I hope you're successful with your goals!

[ Avonlea@ITW|0 likes] [|reply]

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