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MMOexp: Upgrading your Diablo 4 healing potions with the help
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21 Jun 2024, 08:31
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Upgrading your Diablo 4 healing potions with the help of an Alchemist and getting more of potions are crucial to surviving the horrors of Sanctuary. The way you regenerate health is different than it was in Diablo 3, as now you have to consider when you want to use a potion and must look to restock your limited supply of them at every opportunity.

Thankfully, as well as ways to upgrade the healing power of your health potions in Diablo 4, there is also a way to increase the maximum number of potions you can carry at once.Naturally, this will be a slow process as you push towards the max level in Diablo 4. The game can start getting pretty damn difficult, particularly as you start scaling up through the Diablo 4 World Tiers and begin encountering Nightmare Dungeons. So taking the time to farm resources across the Diablo 4 map is essential, as you'll need to exchange them with the Alchemist vendor to get the most out of your health potions.

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