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Inside My Mind!
by ScrambledThoughts

Trying To Get In My Head
This Is All You Need To Know About Me

Name - Ashley
Aliase - Ash
Age - 19
Birthday - 01.18.90
Birthplace - Youngstown, Ohio
Ethnicity - Native American
Eye Color - Brown
Hair Color - Dark Brown
Height - 5 feet 3 inches
Body Art - None
Status - Happily Taken
Religion - Christian
Occupation - Being In My Mind
These are the thoughts that my mind wants desperately to get out in the open.
I am trying to move past a very traumatic experience in my life. The things I write are true and come only from my life experiences. As you could probably see my spelling is a bit sour but I get my point across. If you have a problem with bad grammar I suggest you get over it or just don't read my Diary. I won't mind making new friends on here, but i don't expect to. This is merely a therapeutic attempt to clear my mind of horrible thoughts. Welcome to my diary.

"Friendly Warning"
If you have very strong opinons, so do I and we most likely won't agree on some things. So you let you mind be spoken, and I'll let Mine.

If I respond to your comment in a way you don't like I am not being rude just letting my thoughts be heard like yours were.

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7 entries
06/14/2009My final entry
01/08/2009An Answer
01/07/2009Still Lost
01/05/2009No More Trust
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