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Inside My Mind!
by ScrambledThoughts

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An Answer


Trying To Get In My Head
This Is All You Need To Know About Me

I thought about it. I can't don it. I worked to hard to get this A****** out of my mind. I'm not going to throw away my months of theapy for this guy. He's already taken to much form me. I can't. No I won't. This is one no he has to listen to. I refuse to let him victmize me agian. I can't wait untill this is all over and I can sleep at night agian. I had just got to the point where I could go to sleep without seeing him agian. Now I have to start all over. I need so badly to move on. Please god help me.

classic layouts;style it.

previous entry: Still Lost

next entry: My final entry

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Good for you. Don't let that asshole victimze you again. I hope he gets run over by a train.

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