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Inside My Mind!
by ScrambledThoughts

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A Very Therapeutic Meeting


Trying To Get In My Head
This Is All You Need To Know About Me

Today my therapist and I discussed my life. I know what your thinking "Isn't that what everyone does with their therapist?". "No" I mean we discussed everything that is going on right now. Me starting this new diary, me meeting a complete A**hole on bloop, and meeting someone who seems to understand what I'm talking about. My relationship with my fiance, my parents, my siblings. Everyone but my friends for some reason. I thought we were having a productive conversation until she brought up what happened in Aug. I couldn't believe it she tried to manipulate me. She tried accessing what I'm trying to get away from. I couldn't help but to think you selfish B**** . How dare her bring that up. My voice ceased as I held in all the anger that was building up inside of me. I wanted to really cuss her out until I thought about it. She's suppose to try to get me to talk about it that's what we're paying her to do. And then anger for myself started to build. As I started to think like so many narrow-minded people "Why? Why not just tell her? Why make everyone around you suffer though this horrible mess?". Then as I concluded my session with my therapist I thought to myself "Your just not ready to talk about it with anyone in person, and that's not your fault." As I listened to the thoughts flowing in my head I heard the voice of my old therapist saying exactly what I was thinking. So I thought to myself "Therapy must be working after all." As I walked out the door I sighed a sign of relief, for I had been help, I started my journey to freedom from the nightmares, and that my friends is the best news I've heard in a long time.

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previous entry: Re: My Biggest Secret

next entry: A Shocking And Miserable Twist

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I'm glad your on your way! I wish you the best.

[jdStar|0 likes] [|reply]

Ugh, therapy can be so painful. I used to get pissy with my therapist whenever she pried, but after a while I realized it was her job to be a bitch, LoL. It'll get easier, trust me.

[~*Peace of Mind*~|0 likes] [|reply]

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