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Falling Upside Down
by Isolde

About me

Hello there. I've chosen to be anonymous as well as open by not revealing who I really am. I will just go by Isolde/Iseult/Ysolde because it's just easier that way. The only thing I will reveal about myself is that I am 27 and live in the U.S. The area in which I live I truly find to be home due to its diverse culture, everchanging weather, and beautiful, majestic mountains. I am highly introverted, but can be outgoing when I need to be. I have been diagnosed with major depressive disorder and ocd since I was a child. It's difficult to go day to day, yet I've made it thus far. My main interests are: movies, books, the internet, nature, animals and makeup. I'm very boring. I don't know what I will write in here, but it doesn't matter, as long as I write and express my thoughts.