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Eat Yellow Snow's Diary
by Eat Yellow Snow

About *Me*

I was born, raised, & I still reside in Northern Utah. I love life, I enjoy meeting new people.

I have a 3 year old little boy who I consider to be the blood in my veins. Being a mother keeps me alive & well. I would not be the wonderful woman that I am today if he did not exist.

Being a mother has taught me so much about life; to be patient, graceful, to nurture, & of all things to fight for what I love & to love unconditionally.

I have the tendency to be a bit extreme now and then. I see the world as being black & white, either it is or it isn't. Whatever is in between the two is completely irrelevant to me.

I do not like to surround myself with people & things that make me feel sad (I have enough of that in my life without anymore being added to it). If you are full of negative energy, please click on the little red box in the right hand corner (you know the one with the [X])

I am not afraid to "go for the gold", but I will not fight for something if I know that I will not get it. I am not a foolish person, I am not unforgiving, I am not afraid to admit that I am wrong & I am the first to say I am sorry for my wrong doing.

I believe in peace, love, unity, & respect. Yes, I believe in PLUR & I try to live by what it stands for, though I am definitely NOT perfect.

I have a strong understanding & habit of practice of common courtesy & common sense. I do not like trashy people. I believe it is better to present yourself as you are at your very best. Perfection is boring, but 1st impressions DO last forever.

• I love to sleep
• I am a Sims 2 & 3 gamer
• I love techno
• •

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