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Eat Yellow Snow's Diary
by Eat Yellow Snow

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Word Of The Day Is: Blah


Name: Jenifer A. B*j*ns*i
Aliases: Jen, JB, RAve MAma, Dolly Ann
Born: 7-20-86
Astrological Sign: Cancer
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair: dirty blonde/ash brown
Eyes: hazel blue
Ethnic background: Norwegian, French, Welsh

Marital status: Married for 2 1/2 years
Spouse: Jaim aka Hubby
Offspring: 1 beautiful son; Jaimen - 3 years old

Parental figures: Shelia & Doug (my parents divorced 1 day before I was born)
Chandra (current wife of Doug), Gary (current boyfriend/fiance of Shelia)
Siblings (names & ages): Nate; 24 (Older brother), Alex; 21 (younger brother), Eric; 17 (youngest brother), Chindrele; 15 (little sister)
Luveee squishy wittawfaces: Pixie; 1 year old female pitbull/boxer mix, Mooey "Boo Boo" Piccasso; 7 year old snowshoe kitty


Colours: cerulean, rainbow
Foods: fruit, pasta, basmati rice, fried eel on sushi with tobiko, T-bone steak; bloody, tender, & still mooin!
Places to visit: anywhere inspiring
Webistes: I'm a HUGE Myspacer, PLURlife, Bloopdiary, & I'm a big web surfer
Memories: when Jaim & I still loved each other
Actors: Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Ryan Reynolds, Anthony Hopkins, Christopher Walken, Jonny Depp
Actresses: Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts,
Bands & Music Artists: Agents Of Oblivion, Blue October, Pink, Natasha Bedingfield,
Cars: Lotus Elise, Mazda RX8
Seasons: late Spring, Summer, early Autumn
Day(s) of the week: Monday & Friday
Holidays: Valentine's Day, Halloween, Federal Holidays (Jaim is home from work)
Flowers: Pink Plumeria, Bleeding Hearts
Candy: Twix, Almond Joy
Animals: I love all animals
Doggies: My heart melts for the "bully breeds"
Books: *le yawn*
Movies: I have too many favorites
Drinks: blended chia w/whipped cream
Clothing & Shoe Brands: DC, Kikgirl, Toxic, Mudd
Places to eat: Cafe Med, Circle Lounge (they have amazing sushi!)


Left -handed
I will not live without high speed internet
Music keeps me alive... without it I would flatline
I must get @ least 8 hours of sleep each night
I ♥ sushi
I believe in & study tarot
I am a night owl
I LOVE to spend money
I have OCD
I am sensitive
I really don't wash my hair unless I have to
I can be HUGE bitch if someone crosses me
I love raving... techno, HOUSE MUSIC... blah.

previous entry: I Was Arrested Last Night!!!

next entry: Get Over It

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