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Eat Yellow Snow's Diary
by Eat Yellow Snow

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Update, Nothing Special


I finally got to try the Sims 3 game. It's not as much fun as the Sims 2 considering the fashion & custom content limitations but it is absolutely FABULOUS for building houses & community lots and such.
I really need to clean my PC, it's so full of junk (pictures & such) that I don't ever look @ or use for anything. Oh, & that reminds me: I need to buy a new digi camera too, I should have done that a while ago but considering the whole being fired for nothing thing... money is hard to come by right now though I am extremely thankful that Jaim brings home as much as he does each paycheck.

I've been watching Desperate Housewives lately. It's scandalous! I haven't missed an episode in weeks! I can't believe rotten the characters are to each other, I mean, wow!!! Jaim doesn't seem to like my new show all that much, then again he watches Nascar aka red neck racing. I don't see how he can just sit there & stare @ a bunch of hicks drive around and around a big track & claim to be entertained by it. Ick!

How's Bugga-Bugga? Wonderful, yet still having a few little problems with the night time potty training thing. Nothing too serious but I think we're going to have to go back to using training pants (pull -ups) thought I hate to take a step back like that, I think it will help him more than anything.

previous entry: Get Over It

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Ready to be done, yet not rushing it. Got stuff to get done yet, But, it's been an amazing experience. I don't know if I'll do it again, lol.

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