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Eat Yellow Snow's Diary
by Eat Yellow Snow

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Global Issues 2


Endangerd Species: Us

Global warming: Ice Shelf size of Texas breaks off, now floating in Alantic.

Ocean Dumping: When was this EVER OK??

Nuclear Waste: Spent Nuclear rods find new home in... Anartica

Lunar Issues, NASA blew an ity bitty hole IN OUR MOON!! Presidential Suite reserved:

(dont need that one anymore, were goin to the Moon! ICE WATER MY ASS!!
Or are we led to believe that he made a mistake when infact what if he spilled
the "deliberate beans? My money is on the telescope!!

The Moon=Sorry China, U.S. Saw it FIRST!!


Chem Trails: Uh doc, would you mind checking me for Barium Exposure?

Gay Rights = HUMAN RIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nuclear Energy, Spent Rods find new home at Anartica

Oil Regulations: ( Supply and Demand my ass!! )

Health Insurance vs Socialized Medicine: What are we afraid of?

Eastern Medicine: Mind over matter and as far as I am concerned the pharmacutical companies just dont matter!!!!!

Dirty Money= What doctors get when the insurance company likes the doctors diagnosis.

Does your grandmother really need 20 pills a day?

Swine Flu: (hini vacination) This flu is a virus that seems to have an interesting schedule, only comes around between the months of October to January... and so does the VACCINE!! hmmm, not like Viral Pnuemonia, The Stomach Flu, The Common Cold... they dont seem to care what month it is!

Digital TV: Likes to turn itself up during commericials!!!!

P. Morris =Licensed To Kill

Unemployment = U.S.MEXICO; Bilingual preferred!
( Thank You MR. Now Ambassador of C. )

No wonder the younger generations don't listen..

Why has nothing changed in our world? Because NOTHING CHANGED in our world... GET IT?

previous entry: Update, Nothing Special

next entry: Every Woman Should..

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